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Shields are a special sub-class of weapons which focus on protecting the player from damage rather than killing enemies.

Passive effects[edit | edit source]

Carrying a shield causes a force field to be granted for 0.5 seconds whenever the player takes damage. This barrier absorbs most types of damage while active (the exception is damage-over-time from status effects such as poison and darkness); however, force fields, both from shields and from other sources, reduce rally effect health gain by 65% while active, making it more difficult to recover recently-lost health before the rally effect expires.

Active effects[edit | edit source]

Holding a shield's assigned button deploys it in front of the player after a 0.37-second windup. Attacks originating from in front of the shield which hit the player are reduced by the percentage specified on the shield (usually 75%) before being further reduced by other damage-reducing effects, and block damage, listed as non-critical damage, is dealt to enemies using melee attacks.

Tapping a shield's assigned button instead causes the player to attempt a parry with the shield. If no attacks arrive within the parry window, the player loses the ability to block or parry again for 0.6 seconds. However, if a non-shockwave attack or a bomb comes into contact with the shield during the parry window, any damage from the attack is nullified completely, the ability to parry subsequent attacks is preserved, and additional effects occur depending on the nature of the attack:

  • Melee attackers take parry damage (indicated on the shield as a critical damage value).
  • Ranged attacks are absorbed, then shot out as a forward arrow (like those produced by the Front Arrow affix) which deals 80 base damage.
  • Bombs are thrown forward at great speed, exploding for 90 base damage.
  • Explosions are absorbed without producing any retaliatory attacks.
  • Purulent Zombie's eggs will turn into three Biters, which will attack any enemies.

Note: While using a parry-capable shield, the player will automatically parry attacks that land within the first 0.2 seconds after starting to raise the shield as long as the shield's assigned button is still being held down at the time of the attack landing.

Effect scaling[edit | edit source]

Block and parry damage outputs of shields are usually increased based on the player's Health Stat.png Survival stat. The absorbed percentage of damage while blocking, however, can only be increased by the presence of the Shield Absorb affix (7% extra absorbed damage while held up).

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Block Damage Parry Damage Absorbed Damage Scaling Item ID
Old Wooden Shield Icon.png
Old Wooden Shield Hold the shield up to reduce some damage. Parry at the right time to cancel all damage. Secondary weapon only. Starter shield until Random Starter Shield is purchased (found in secret tile near the place where you start afterwards) 15 damage 30 damage 75% Health Stat.png 106
Greed Shield Icon.png
Greed Shield A successful parry knocks out enemies' teeth (1 per enemy) and transforms arrows into gold. The value of this loot increases if you have less than 1000 gold. Always unlocked 40 damage 80 damage 75% Health Stat.png 114
Cudgel Icon.png
Cudgel Stuns blocked enemies. Stuns lasts longer if a parry is successful. Always unlocked 20 damage 40 damage 75% Health Stat.png 108
Rampart Icon.png
Rampart Absorbs more damage. Generates a force field for 3 sec on a successful parry. Dropped by Shieldbearer (0.4% chance) 40 damage 80 damage 85% Health Stat.png 111
Bloodthirsty Shield Icon.png
Bloodthirsty Shield Blocked attacks inflict bleeding (20 DPS for 3 seconds). Effect extended to nearby enemies on a successful parry. Dropped by Shieldbearer (0.03% chance) 15 damage (20 bleeding DPS) 30 damage (20 bleeding DPS) 75% Health Stat.png 113
Assault Shield Icon.png
Assault Shield Blocks attacks while charging forward. Found behind the Timed Door (closes after 2 minutes) in the transition before Promenade of the Condemned 20 damage 40 damage 75% Health Stat.png 112
Parry Shield Icon.png
Parry Shield Cannot be held up. Blocked grenades and shots are returned with added power. Found in a secret area within Stilt Village N/A 100 damage N/A Health Stat.png 116
Punishment Icon.png
Punishment Blocked attacks inflict damage to nearby enemies. Critical damage if parry is successful. Found in room behind key door within the Clock Tower 50 damage 80 damage 75% Health Stat.png 109
Knockback Shield Icon.png
Knockback Shield Blocked attacks push enemies backwards. Effect doubled on a successful parry. Dropped by Catcher (0.4% chance) 30 damage 60 damage 75% Skill Hp.png 110
Spiked Shield Icon.png
Spiked Shield Inflicts major damage on blocked enemies. Dropped by Cleaver (1.7% chance) 70 damage 140 damage 75% Health Stat.png 115
Force Shield Icon.png
Force Shield Generates a temporary forcefield when held up. It regenerates slowly when the shield is not held up. Parries speed up the process. Dropped by Purulent Zombie (Sewers) (0.4% chance) 40 damage N/A 75% Health Stat.png 117
Front Line Shield Icon.png
Front Line Shield Inflicts +125% damage if you hit an enemy in hand-to-hand combat in the last 5 seconds. Found in a secret area in Ancient Sewers[1] 25 damage 50 damage 75% Str Hp.png 107
Thunder Shield Icon.png
Thunder Shield Inflicts 55 electric DPS when held up. The damage increases to 155 DPS for 8 seconds after parrying successfully. Dropped by Defender (0.4% chance) 40 damage 75% Skill Hp.png 118