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Corrupted Prison, Forgotten Sepulcher (0 BSC)

Flamethrower Turret (0.4%)

Cloud Outfit (3+ BSC; 0.4%)

Shockers are stationary enemies found in the Ossuary (all difficulties) Corrupted Prison and Forgotten Sepulcher (only on Normal difficulty). They attack with a large area-of-effect shock wave.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Shockers attack with an area-of-effect shock wave in in a short burst of three "zaps" when the player gets too close to it or when it is damaged. This attack goess through solid obstacles. The shockwave interrupts the player's actions and cannot be blocked or parried, similar to the Concierge's Aura of Laceration. The shock wave can hit players through walls and platforms.

Shockers resist Poison and Bleeding.

  • Charging and attacking

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Since shockers cannot attack from long range, move, or teleport, attacking them from a long distance is a good strategy. The Multiple-nocks Bow or Quick Bow are effective.
    • However, they may spawn in confined passages, which renders this strategy dangerous.
  • Shockers resist Poison and Bleeding, so using weapons that rely on those effects such as the Alchemic Carbine or the Throwing Knife will not be effective.
  • Using a shield is not a good idea as you cannot block or parry a shocker's attack.
  • For brutality builds, the Melee mutation is a great idea against them, as it slows down the Shocker briefly with every attack, giving you more time to defeat it.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Shockers used to be able to teleport (like most enemies) in patch 1.1 on 4+ BSC, despite being static. It proved to be an extreme disruption to gameplay balance, so this ability was removed.
  • Conjuctivius also has a similar attack. However, she does it in a single burst and it can be parried/blocked with a shield.