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Shops are certain areas in every biome (except boss biomes) with items for sale. The price of the items depends on what biome the player is in, increasing with the level of the biome. Each shop contains three items. With the Restock general improvement unlocked at The Collector, shops can be rerolled up to 5 times for free to change what items will be sold. However, every reroll will increase the price of the items by 40% of their base price.

Different types of Shops[edit | edit source]

Three types of Shops exist in the game: the Weapon Shop, the Skill Shop and the Food Shop. They have different shopkeepers and appearances and sell different things. While Weapon Shops and Skill Shops are bound to appear somewhere in every biome, Food Shops are only found in a few specific biomes and cannot appear randomly outside of them.

  • Weapon Shops sell ranged weapons, melee weapons, and shields.
  • Skill Shops sell traps, turrets, granades and powers.
  • Food Shops sell food, flask recharges and cough syrup.

Once the Merchandise Category improvement is unlocked, the player may choose 1 of 3 categories that will make the shops only sell weapons that scale with a specific stat (Brutality, Tactics, Survival). Note that this upgrade does not effect Food Shops in any way due to the nature of what they sell.

Using the Custom Mode modifier will change the shops to how it was prior to Update 1.9 (Update of Plenty). This will allow the player to choose between what weapon types (Melee, Ranged, Shields) or skill types (Deployable Traps, Grenades, Miscellaneous Skills) the shop will sell.

The Weapons Merchant.
The Skills Merchant.
The Food Merchant.

Dialogue with the shopkeeper[edit | edit source]

The Shopkeepers only have the same looping dialogue over and over, where basically they become more annoyed with the Beheaded the more they talk to him, until their dialogue resets to the beginning of their lines.

  • "What do you need?"
  • "Are you going to buy something or what?"
  • "You know, this is starting to get on my nerves..."
  • "..."
  • "HEY! You gonna buy something?!"
  • "Just my luck to get stuck with the island idiot."
  • "..."

If the player uses Custom Mode to alter the item pool and turn off every item available, the shopkeeper will give a unique line to remark it.

  • "I've got nothing to offer you, scram!"

When unlocking the Vorpan

  • "hmph... can't even find something worth cooking around here...""
  • "You may as well take it. Wish you luck! ... You will need it."