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Shops are certain areas in every biome (except boss biomes) with items for sale. The price of the items depends on what biome the player is in, increasing with the level of the biome. Each shop contains three items. With the Restock general improvement unlocked at The Collector, a shop's wares can be refreshed for a price.

Different types of shopkeepers[edit | edit source]

Currently, three types of shopkeepers can appear: The Smith, the Skill Master and the Chef. They have different appearances and sell different things. It is worth noting that the shop keeper in The Prisoners' cell will never be a Chef and also can have both weapons and skills for sale.

  • The Smith sells melee and ranged weapons, and shields.
  • The Skill Master sells traps, turrets, granades and powers.
  • The Chef sells food, flask recharges and cough syrup.

Once the Merchandise Category improvement is unlocked, the player may choose between three different categories if the shop sells weapons (melee, ranged, shields) or skills (traps and turrets, grenades, miscellaneous skills).

Dialogue with the shopkeeper[edit | edit source]

Amusingly, the shopkeeper's dialogue depends on how much gold the player has, ranging from rude to polite.

If the player does not have enough gold to buy anything, the shopkeeper will say the following when interacted with:

  • "My Stuff is too good for you! Scram!"
  • "No gold? NO GOODIES!"
  • "No! We don't offer credit!"
  • "Bring the gold, or beat it!"
  • "Outside, peasant!"
  • "..."

However, if the player does indeed have enough gold to buy anything, the shopkeeper's tone will shift, until he gets impatient.

  • "Everything is for sale!"
  • "What can I do for you?"
  • "Are you going to buy something, or are you just hanging around?"
  • "You know, this is going to get old."
  • "..."
  • "He's got his head... In the clouds! Oh eh ha he haw..."
  • "..."