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Shovel Icon.png

Knocks back enemies and bombs.

Any object can become a deadly weapon if it's moving fast enough...

Internal name Shovel
Type Melee Weapon
Scaling Str Hp.png
Combo Rate 1 three-hit combo per 1.6 seconds
Base Price 1500
Base DPS 144
Base Combo Damage 230
First Hit 65
Second Hit 45
Third Hit 120
Location Drops from Purulent Zombies (Graveyard)
Drop Chance 0.4%
Unlock Cost 40 Cell Currency.png

The Shovel is a melee weapon which flings enemies away and bombs back toward their sources.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Special Effects:
    • Bombs hit by Shovel strikes are sent back as if they were parried by a shield. However, bomb power is 20% of shield-parry values (18 base damage instead of the usual 90 base damage)
    • The second hit in the combo knocks enemies back, and the final hit sends them flying away for 1 second (?)
  • Breach Bonus: 0.7/0.5/2
    • Base Breach Damage: 110.5/67.5/360
    • Base Breach DPS: 336
  • Combo Duration: 1.6 seconds
    • First Hit: 0.55 (0.4 + 0.15)
    • Second Hit: 0.35 (0.2 + 0.15)
    • Third Hit: 0.7 (0.4 + 0.3)
  • Tags: No Critical, Heavy Weapon
  • Legendary Version: Bernie
    • Forced Affix: Full Life Damage
      • "+50% damage when your health is at its maximum"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Shovel is a reference to Shovel Knight, and how he sends back certain projectiles with his shovel.
  • The flavor text may be a reference to Physics and Kinetic Energy - The faster something is moving, the higher kinetic energy it possesses, and the deadlier it becomes if it hits something. It also refers to how the Shovel can be used as a lever to lift up (and apply force to) anything above it's surface, thus allowing it to dig.
    • However, in Dead Cells, projectile velocity does not affect it's damage values.
  • It may be a weapon themed after the Graveyard biome as the in-game Graveyard is where common villagers are buried, and the shovel is presumably used to dig their graves.