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Dead Cells provides players with Gear in the form of:

  • Weapons, which have limited but different movesets.
  • Skills, which cause a variety of effects but must cool down between uses.
  • And Amulets, passive items which grant powerful offensive or defensive benefits. They can also grant points to Brutality, Tactics or Survival.

Gear items are not automatically collected — they must be picked up with the Interact key/button. Unwanted gear can usually be converted into gold if the Recycle upgrade has been unlocked.

Most Gear appears with one or more Affixes, which add effects or situational benefits. Only non-starter, Level 1 Gear, and unique talismans lack affixes. (Starter Gear always generates with the affix, "Cannot be sold.")

If you're looking for a missing item, but you have everything listed below, you might be missing the Merchandise Category upgrade from the Graveyard.

Gear Upgrades[edit | edit source]

The player can spend cells at The Blacksmith's Legendary Forge to permanently upgrade all weapons and skills across runs.

When you upgrade the Forge, items that drop or appear in shops have a chance to be of +, ++, or S quality. The max for all qualities is 100%, but to upgrade ++ to 100% requires 1 BSC, and S quality requires 4 BSC. The upgrade benefits are:

  • + quality generates the item with 2 more gear levels than usual.
  • ++ quality generates the item with 4 more gear levels than usual ,and gives +1 to one scaling Stat.
  • S quality generates the item with 6 more gear levels than usual, and gives either +2 to one scaling stat or +1 to two scaling stats (if the item's base form is two-color).

Gear Variants[edit | edit source]

Two variants of weapons and skills can be encountered: Colorless items and Legendary items.

Colorless Items[edit | edit source]

Colorless items, which are found in Cursed Chests, are always of ++ quality and scale with your highest stat. For example, a Colorless Torch, which is a pure Brutality item, scales with Survival if you have higher Survival than Brutality. Colorless items are marked with a white color, rather than the colors of the base item's scaling stats. As with all ++ quality items, Colorless items grant a point in a stat they would normally scale with (for instance, a Colorless Torch will still have a point in Brutality).

Legendary Items[edit | edit source]

Legendaries are powerful variants of items, appearing as a random drop from enemies (1% and 6% for common mobs and Elites, respectively), as a reward after beating a boss without getting hit, or from a Legendary altar.

Legendary altars have a base 2% chance of spawning per biome, increasing by 15% for each biome where an altar did not spawn, meaning that most successful runs can expect to run into at least one of them. These altars grant 66% damage reduction to nearby enemies (indicated by a shield icon above the enemy's head), and the weapon can only be removed from the shrine when all enemies with this icon have been defeated.

Legendary items always grant +1 Stat (+1 to all Stats on 3+ BSC) and cannot be upgraded, but have powerful advantages:

  • Colorless — scales with your highest stat
  • A specific affix (predetermined for each base item) with a 15% chance to be applied after all other affixes, ignoring the usual affix generation rules
  • Cheap re-rolling cost

Legendary items are marked with a gold color, rather than the colors of the base item's scaling stats.

The item pool for Legendary items is not limited to unlocked items, but heavily skewed towards them. It therefore possible, but not likely, to get any Legendary item other than the Symmetrical Lance on a fresh save. On saves with all items unlocked, the chances of a given item appearing seems to be equal. [1]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

The player can only carry 2 weapons at a time. Picking up a third displays a menu that compares all three weapons, and asks the player if they want to discard a carried weapon for the new one.

Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

All melee weapons' DPS increase based on the player's Strength Stat.png Brutality Stat, but some weapons have alternate scaling with Skill Stat.png Tactics (e.g. Assassin's Dagger and Frantic Sword) or Health Stat.png Survival (e.g. The Nutcracker and Broad Sword), which means their DPS will scale off the higher stat between the two.

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base DPS Base Special DPS Scaling
Rusty Sword Icon.png
Rusty Sword Kills things. Sometimes... Starter weapon until Random Melee Weapon is unlocked (then found in secret tile in the starting area). 119 DPS N/A Strength Stat.png
Balanced Blade Icon.png
Balanced Blade Damage increases up to +100% when you strike repeatedly. Inflicts critical hits after 10 successive hits. Always unlocked 89 DPS 139 critical DPS

278 max DPS

Strength Stat.png
Twin Daggers Icon.png
Twin Daggers Inflicts a critical hit on the 3rd consecutive strike.

Two knives for the price of one, more violence for your dollar!

Always unlocked 238 DPS Strength Stat.png
Nutcracker Icon.png
Nutcracker Inflicts a critical hit if the target is stunned, frozen or immobilized. Always unlocked 134 DPS 333 critical DPS Str Hp.png
Blood Sword Icon.png
Blood Sword Causes bleeding (9 DPS for 6 sec). Dropped by Zombie (100% chance) 122 DPS 9 bleeding DPS Strength Stat.png
Spartan Sandals Icon.png
Spartan Sandals Knocks back enemies, dealing 90 extra damage if the enemy hits a wall. The final strike in the combo will knock any enemy back.


Dropped by Runner (100% chance) 21 DPS 90 bonus damage Strength Stat.png
Oiled Sword Icon.png
Oiled Sword Douses the enemy with flammable oil and inflict critical hits during 10 sec after hitting a enemy on fire. Dropped by Bat (1.7% chance) 149 DPS 224 critical DPS Strength Stat.png
Broadsword Icon.png
Broadsword The second and third hits are critical.

Slow and heavy, but deliciously vicious.

Obtained from Tutorial Knight's corpse within the Prisoners' Quarters 273 DPS Str Hp.png
Assassin's Dagger Icon.png
Assassin's Dagger Inflicts a critical hit when you stab your enemy in the back.

Light but deadly if you know how to use it.

Found above the starting point of the Promenade of the Condemned 100 DPS 300 critical DPS Str Skill.png
Frantic Sword Icon.png
Frantic Sword Inflicts a critical hit when you have less than 50% health.

The weapon of choice of fighters who like to live dangerously.

Dropped by Kamikaze (0.4% chance) 137 DPS 285 critical DPS Str Skill.png
Cursed Sword Icon.png
Cursed Sword One hit and you're dead.

So you like to play hardball, do ya?

Dropped by Conjunctivius on 3rd kill 553 DPS N/A Str Skill.png
Shovel Icon.png
Shovel Knocks back enemies and bombs.

Any object is a deadly weapon if it's moving fast enough...

Dropped by Purulent Zombie (Graveyard) (0.4% chance) 144 DPS N/A Str Hp.png
Spite Sword Icon.png
Spite Sword Inflict a critical hit if you took damage less than 8 sec ago, or if you're cursed.

A rusty weapon that reveals its power when things get tough.

Dropped by Buzzcutter (0.03% chance) 131 DPS 315 critical DPS Strength Stat.png
Valmont's Whip Icon.png
Valmont's Whip Ignores shields. Inflicts a critical hit if the tip of the whip strikes the enemy.

Popularized by the well-dressed Baron Valmont du Cul.

Dropped by Disgusting Worm (0.4% chance) 109 DPS 305 critical DPS Str Skill.png
Wrenching Whip Icon.png
Wrenching Whip Ignores shields, pulls victims toward you and inflicts a critical hit on the 3rd strike. Dropped by Pirate Captain (0.4% chance) 129 DPS 188 critical DPS Strength Stat.png
Impaler Icon.png
Impaler Inflicts a critical hit if the target is up against a wall. Dropped by the The Concierge on 4th kill 117 DPS 300 critical DPS Strength Stat.png
Sadist's Stiletto Icon.png
Sadist's Stiletto Inflicts a critical hit if the target is bleeding or poisoned.

Hit 'em where it hurts.

Dropped by Spiker (1.7% chance) 109 DPS 235 critical DPS Str Skill.png
War Spear Icon.png
War Spear Inflicts a critical hit when you strike several targets at the same time.

Greater range but less speed.

Dropped by Hammer (1.7% chance) 149 DPS 306 critical DPS Str Hp.png
Rapier Icon.png
Rapier Inflicts a critical hit immediately after a roll or a parry.

It's all in the wrist...

Dropped by Scorpion (0.4% chance) 106 DPS 268 critical DPS Strength Stat.png
Spiked Boots Icon.png
Spiked Boots Inflicts a critical hit if the kick interrupts an attack. Dropped by Thorny (0.4% chance) 101 DPS 297 critical DPS Strength Stat.png
Hayabusa Boots Icon.png
Hayabusa Boots The last hit inflicts area-of-effect damage and pushes enemies back. Found at the end of the Forgotten Sepulcher 128 DPS N/A Strength Stat.png
Hayabusa Gauntlets Icon.png
Hayabusa Gauntlets Inflicts critical hits if the victim has less than 40% HP.


Dropped by Lancer (0.4% chance) 124 DPS 243 critical DPS Strength Stat.png
Torch Icon.png
Torch Burns your enemies (15 DPS for 2.7 seconds).

Talk about mood lighting!

Dropped by Spawner (1.7% chance) 99 DPS 15 burning DPS Strength Stat.png
Symmetrical Lance Icon.png
Symmetrical Lance Inflicts critical hits for 6 sec if you quickly kill 2 enemies with this weapon. Dropped by The Hand of the King on 1st kill 168 DPS 251 critical DPS Str Hp.png
Swift Sword Icon.png
Swift Sword Inflicts a critical hit if you have an active speed buff.

Forget about taking your time. To get real results, strike hard and fast.

Unlocked on 1st completed Daily Run (only one completion per day counts) 138 DPS 208 critical DPS Strength Stat.png
Meat Skewer Icon.png
Meat Skewer Lets you go behind your enemy.

Now you see me, now you don't!

Unlocked on 10th completed Daily Run (only one completion per day counts) 141 DPS N/A Str Skill.png
Giant Killer Icon.png
Giant Killer Inflicts a critical hit if the victim is an Elite or a Boss.

The bigger they are...

Dropped by The Giant on 1st kill 127 DPS 465 critical DPS Str Hp.png
Shrapnel Axes Icon.png
Shrapnel Axes Metal shards burst from the axes when you strike enemies, inflicting approximately 130 damage. Dropped by Demon (0.4% chance) 157 DPS N/A Str Skill.png
Seismic Strike Icon.png
Seismic Strike Unleashes shock waves through the ground, locking enemies in place. Dropped by Bomber (0.4% chance) 131 DPS N/A Str Hp.png
Flawless Icon.png
Flawless Inflicts critical hits if you haven't taken damage for at least 15 seconds. Dropped by Slammer (0.4% chance) 104 DPS 270 critical DPS Str Hp.png
Vorpan Icon.png
Vorpan Inflicts a critical hit if the enemy is facing you.

Grill. Fry. Burn. Reheat.

Found in Shop 161 DPS 289 critical DPS Strength Stat.png
Tentacle Icon.png
Tentacle Ignore shields and project you towards the enemy and inflicts a critical hit if you attack again while bumped.

Free hugs!

Dropped by Conjunctivius on 1st kill 138 DPS 219 critical DPS Str Skill.png
Flint Icon.png
Flint Hold the attack to inflict a critical hit and create a flaming trail.

The Concierge was always ready to give an extra hand.

Dropped by Concierge on 1st kill 160 DPS 267 critical DPS

70 shockwave damage

Str Hp.png

Ranged Weapons[edit | edit source]

All ranged weapons scale with Skill Stat.png Tactics, but some of them can also scale with Strength Stat.png Brutality or Health Stat.png Survival.

Two major classes of ranged weapons exist: bows and crossbows, which usually have limited ammunition, and spells, magic weapons which do not have ammunition. Some weapons with ammo cannot benefit from the effect of the Ammo mutation, they are denoted with in the following table (namely Frost Blast, Hokuto's Bow, Ice Shard and Boomerang).

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base DPS Base Special Damage Scaling
Beginner's Bow Icon.png
Beginner's Bow Ammo: 6

Ammo comes back after enemies are killed.

The Jailer's son was getting pretty good at hunting rats with this...

Starter bow until Random Starter Bow is purchased (found in secret tile near the place where you start afterwards) 100 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png
Multiple-nocks Bow Icon.png
Multiple-nocks Bow Ammo: 18

Shoots 3 arrows at the same time.

Always unlocked 190 DPS N/A Skill Hp.png
Throwing Knife Icon.png
Throwing Knife Ammo: 8

Causes bleeding (20 DPS for 2 seconds). Automatically targets the nearest enemy.

Always unlocked 14 DPS 20 bleeding DPS Str Skill.png
Electric Whip Icon.png
Electric Whip Automatically targets nearby enemies. Ignores shields. Always unlocked 128 DPS 235 critical DPS Str Skill.png
Fire Brands Icon.png
Fire Brands Burns enemies and the ground (19 DPS for 3 sec). Always unlocked 8 DPS 19 burning DPS Str Skill.png
Frost Blast Icon.png
Frost Blast Ammo: 4 †

Freezes enemies in front of you. No damage if the target is already frozen.

Always unlocked 48 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png
Bow and Endless Quiver Icon.png
Bow and Endless Quiver Unlimited ammo. Last shot is a critical hit!

"You can never have too many arrows" - Legolas

Dropped by Undead Archer (0.03% chance) 133 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png
Marksman's Bow Icon.png
Marksman's Bow Ammo: 6

Inflicts a critical hit at long range.

Slow, but devastating at long range. A sniper's delight.

Found behind the Timed Door (closes after 8 minutes) before the Ossuary 50 DPS 300 critical DPS Skill Hp.png
Infantry Bow Icon.png
Infantry Bow Ammo: 5

Inflicts a critical hit at close range.

A bow designed for close combat.

Dropped by Undead Archer (1.7% chance) 68 DPS 189 critical DPS Str Skill.png
Quick Bow Icon.png
Quick Bow Ammo: 15

Inflicts a critical hit if the target has 2 or more arrows stuck in its body.

Speed at the detriment of accuracy.

Behind the starting point in the Prisoners' Quarters, up some ledges on the wall 75 DPS 248 critical DPS Skill Stat.png
Ice Bow Icon.png
Ice Bow Ammo: 4

Briefly freezes enemies.

Dropped by Undead Archer (0.4% chance) 46 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png
Heavy Crossbow Icon.png
Heavy Crossbow Ammo: 15

Shoots several short-range bolts at once.

A point-blank blast.

Dropped by The Concierge on 3rd kill 280 DPS N/A Skill Hp.png
Repeater Crossbow Icon.png
Repeater Crossbow Ammo: 30

Fires multiple bolts, periodically immobilising enemies. Inflicts critical hits on immobilised targets.

Dropped by Dark Tracker (0.4% chance) 160 DPS 370 DPS Skill Hp.png
Hokuto's Bow Icon.png
Hokuto's Bow Ammo: 2 †

Marks the enemy, who then takes +75 DPS for 20 sec. If the enemy dies, the mark spreads.

You don't know it yet, but you're already dead.

Dropped by Cannibal (1.7% chance) 25 DPS 75 extra DPS Str Skill.png
Ice Crossbow Icon.png
Ice Crossbow Ammo: 9

Tap to freeze enemies. Hold to inflict critical damage.

Dropped by The Time Keeper on 4th kill 60 DPS 171 critical DPS Skill Stat.png
Explosive Crossbow Icon.png
Explosive Crossbow Ammo: 4

Bolts explode in the area of effect. Any enemy hit by a bolt suffers a critical wound.

Can be found in the Promenade of the Condemned through the three locked doors 100 DPS 123 critical DPS Skill Hp.png
Nerves of Steel Icon.png
Nerves of Steel Ammo: 4

Inflicts a critical hit if the arrow is shot at right moment.

To the far right in the Ramparts, by jumping on top of an invisible platform. This weapon can only be unlocked under the special circumstance, that the last tower does NOT have the exit to the next stage or the secret amethyst. 50 DPS 213 critical DPS Skill Hp.png
Alchemic Carbine Icon.png
Alchemic Carbine Poisons its victims (20 DPS for 6 seconds). In a secret room in the Ancient Sewers, through a long hole obscured by vines that can be rolled through. 18 DPS 20 poison DPS Str Skill.png
Lightning Bolt Icon.png
Lightning Bolt Hold to inflict critical hits.

Join the dark side.

Dropped by Inquisitor (1.7% chance) 114 DPS 331 critical DPS Skill Hp.png
Fire Blast icon.png
Fire Blast Burns enemies and any ground in range. Inflicts critical hits when oil is present.

Rare, medium or well-done?

Dropped by Masker (1.7% chance) 100 DPS 150 critical DPS Str Skill.png
Ice Shard Icon.png
Ice Shard Ammo: 3 †

Slows down enemies during 3 sec. Inflicts critical hits on targets is in water or covered in oil.

Dropped by The Time Keeper on 3rd kill 58 DPS 232 critical DPS Str Skill.png
Pyrotechnics Icon.png
Pyrotechnics Launches multiple flaming projectiles. Inflicts critical damage on targets covered in oil. Dropped by Caster (1.7% chance) 102 DPS 185 critical DPS Skill Stat.png
Boomerang Icon.png
Boomerang Ammo: 1 †

Comes back to you automatically.

Old faithful.

Behind the third locked door in High Peak Castle (next to the exit to the Throne Room).

Requires the Spider Rune / Homunculus Rune or an amulet with two extra air jumps to reach the Blueprint.

89 DPS N/A Skill Hp.png
The Boy's Axe Icon.png
The Boy's Axe Ammo: 1

Blocks the victim. Inflicts 135 damage when called back to the user.


Dropped by Ground Shaker (1.7% chance) 110 DPS 214 max DPS Str Skill.png
War Javelin Icon.png
War Javelin Ammo: 1

Impales all enemies in its path. If they're close to a wall they take 90 extra damage. The javelin must be retrieved (if not, it comes back automatically after 10 seconds).

At the end of an obstacle course in Cavern (next to the exit to the Guardian's Haven). 110 DPS N/A Skill Hp.png
Magic Missiles Icon.png
Magic Missiles Automatically targets the nearest enemy. Dropped by Arbiter (0.4% chance) 111 DPS N/A Skill Stat.png
Hemorrhage Icon.png
Hemorrhage Ammo: 5

Causes bleeding (25 DPS for 3 seconds). Deals a critical hit if the target is bleeding or poisoned.

Dropped by Magistrate of Death (0.4% chance) 47 DPS 187 critical DPS

25 bleeding DPS

Skill Hp.png
Sonic Crossbow Icon.png
Sonic Crossbow Ammo: 20

Fires through enemies and keeps shooting when held down.

Found at the top of the exit tower in Astrolab, requires Apex key. 136 DPS 273 critical DPS Skill Stat.png

† Not affected by the Ammunition mutation

Shields[edit | edit source]

Shields are a kind of weapon that primarily protect the player from damage, rather than killing enemies.

Passive effects[edit | edit source]

Carrying a shield creates a force field for half a second when the player takes damage. This barrier absorbs most damage, but not damage-over-time from status effects like poison or darkness.

Since active force fields reduce the rally effect’s recovery by 65%, carrying a shield makes it more difficult to recover recently-lost health.

Active effects[edit | edit source]

Holding down a shield's assigned button holds it up after 0.37 seconds. Attacks that hit the front of the shield are reduced by the shield’s damage absorption percentage (usually 75%) before any other damage reduction effects. Shields’ block damage, listed as their non-critical damage, is also dealt to enemies using melee attacks.

Tapping a shield's assigned button instead attempts a parry. If no attacks connect within the parry window, the player cannot block or parry again for 0.6 seconds. If a non-shockwave attack hits the shield during the parry window, the attack deals no damage, you can block/parry again immediately, and additional effects occur depending on the attack:

  • Melee attackers take parry damage, indicated on the shield as its critical damage value.
  • Ranged attacks are reflected for 80 base damage.
  • Bombs are reflected for 90 base damage.
  • Explosions are absorbed without retaliation.
  • Purulent Zombie eggs turn into three biting worms, which attack enemies.

Note: Attacks are also automatically parried if they land within the first 0.2 seconds of holding up the shield and the shield's button is still held.

Effect scaling[edit | edit source]

Shields’ damage usually scales with the player's Health Stat.png Survival stat, but some also scale with Skill Stat.png Tactics or Strength Stat.png Brutality.

Damage absorbed while blocking can only be increased by the Shield Absorb affix.

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Block Damage Parry Damage Absorbed Damage Scaling
Old Wooden Shield Icon.png
Old Wooden Shield Hold the shield up to reduce some damage. Parry at the right time to cancel all damage. Secondary weapon only. Starter shield until Random Starter Shield is purchased. Afterwards, found in a secret tile near the start of the game. 15 damage 30 damage 75% Health Stat.png
Greed Shield Icon.png
Greed Shield A successful parry knocks out enemies' teeth (1 per enemy) and transforms arrows into gold. The value of this loot increases if you have less than 1000 gold. Always unlocked 40 damage 80 damage 75% Health Stat.png
Cudgel Icon.png
Cudgel Stuns blocked enemies. Stuns lasts longer if a parry is successful. Always unlocked 20 damage 40 damage 75% Health Stat.png
Rampart Icon.png
Rampart Absorbs more damage. Generates a force field for 2.5 sec on a successful parry. Dropped by Shieldbearer (0.4% chance) 20 damage 40 damage 85% Health Stat.png
Bloodthirsty Shield Icon.png
Bloodthirsty Shield Blocked attacks inflict bleeding (20 DPS for 3 seconds). Effect extended to nearby enemies on a successful parry. Dropped by Shieldbearer (0.4% chance) 15 damage (20 bleeding DPS) 30 damage (20 bleeding DPS) 75% Health Stat.png
Assault Shield Icon.png
Assault Shield Blocks attacks while charging forward. Behind the 2-minute Timed Door in the transition before the Promenade of the Condemned 20 damage 40 damage 75% Health Stat.png
Parry Shield Icon.png
Parry Shield Cannot be held up. Blocked grenades and shots are returned with added power. Secret area in Stilt Village N/A 40 damage N/A Skill Hp.png
Punishment Icon.png
Punishment Blocked attacks inflict damage to nearby enemies. Critical damage if parry is successful. Behind key door in the Clock Tower 50 damage 90 damage 75% Health Stat.png
Knockback Shield Icon.png
Knockback Shield Blocked attacks push enemies backwards. Effect doubled on a successful parry. Dropped by Catcher (0.4% chance) 30 damage 60 damage 75% Skill Hp.png
Spiked Shield Icon.png
Spiked Shield Inflicts major damage on blocked enemies. Dropped by Cleaver (1.7% chance) 70 damage 140 damage 75% Health Stat.png
Force Shield Icon.png
Force Shield Generates a temporary forcefield when held up. It regenerates slowly when the shield is not held up. Parries speed up the process. Dropped by Purulent Zombie (Sewers) (0.4% chance) 40 damage 40 damage 75% Health Stat.png
Front Line Shield Icon.png
Front Line Shield Inflicts +125% damage if you hit an enemy in hand-to-hand combat in the last 5 seconds. Secret area in Ancient Sewers[2] 25 damage 50 damage 75% Str Hp.png
Thunder Shield Icon.png
Thunder Shield Inflicts 65 electric DPS when held up or all around you for 8 seconds after a successfull parry. Holding it up again will discharge it completely, stunning nearby enemies. Dropped by Defender (0.4% chance) 40 damage 50% Skill Hp.png

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills are secondary abilities that can be used in combat. The player never starts with skills and must find them throughout the run.

The player has two skill slots. Upon picking up a third skill, a menu which compares all three appears, allowing the player to choose which of the three skills to discard.

Equipped skills can be swapped with each other in the pause menu with the Interact key.

Skills are roughly split into three types: traps and turrets, grenades, and miscellaneous powers.

Traps & Turrets[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Cooldown Time Scaling
Sinew Slicer Icon.png
Sinew Slicer Fires saws on nearby enemies, inflicting 20 damage/s, plus 6 bleeding DPS (lasts 1.5 sec). Always unlocked 20 DPS (10 bleeding DPS) 10 seconds Skill Stat.png
Wolf Trap Icon.png
Wolf Trap Launches 2 traps which immobilize enemies for 6.5 seconds. Increases all damage taken by trapped enemies by 40 DPS. Always unlocked 40 DPS 14 seconds Skill Hp.png
Double Crossb-o-matic Icon.png
Double Crossb-o-matic Fires at 2 nearby enemies, each shot inflicts 45 DPS. Dropped by Zombie (0.4% chance) 45 DPS 10 seconds Skill Stat.png
Heavy Turret Icon.png
Heavy Turret Fires on all nearby enemies and inflicts 110 DPS. Your own damage is increased by 15% if you are close to the turret. Dropped by Slasher (0.4% chance) 110 DPS 12 seconds Skill Stat.png
Barnacle Icon.png
Barnacle Fires rapidly on enemies passing below inflicting 52 DPS. You need to be close by for this to work. Lasts 9 sec. Dropped by Thorny (1.7% chance) 52 DPS 10 seconds Skill Stat.png
Flamethrower Turret Icon.png
Flamethrower Turret Burns nearby enemies for 2 seconds (18 DPS). Dropped by Shocker (0.4% chance) 18 burning DPS 6 seconds Str Skill.png
Cleaver (Skill) Icon.png
Cleaver Inflicts 50 DPS and bleeding (6 DPS for 1.8 sec) to enemies walking on it. Dropped by Runner (1.7% chance) 50 DPS (6 bleeding DPS) 10 seconds Str Skill.png
Crusher Icon.png
Crusher Violently crushes enemies in its area of effect (200 damage). Dropped by Lacerator (0.4% chance) 200 damage 14 seconds Skill Hp.png
Explosive Decoy Icon.png
Explosive Decoy You disappear for 2.5 seconds and leave a lure in your place which attracts all nearby enemies. Explodes after 2.5 seconds (110 damage). Dropped by Protector (0.4% chance) 110 damage 20 seconds Skill Stat.png
The Night Light Icon.png
The Night Light Deploys a lantern that grants light which diminishes after a while. Skill cannot be unlocked - it only appears at the start of the Forgotten Sepulcher N/A 120 seconds Yes

Grenades[edit | edit source]

Grenades are unique in that most of them scale with the Strength Stat.png Brutality stat, though some of them scale with Skill Stat.png Tactics or Health Stat.png Survival.

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Cooldown Time Damage reduction Scaling
Infantry Grenade Icon.png
Infantry Grenade Quick to use, but not super powerful. Always unlocked 70 damage 4 seconds No Strength Stat.png
Heavy Grenade Icon.png
Powerful Grenade Causes a large explosion. Dropped by Bombardier (1.7% chance) 200 damage 13 seconds No Str Hp.png
Cluster Grenade Icon.png
Cluster Grenade Explodes into 6 mini bombs inflicting 50 damage each Dropped by Slasher (1.7% chance) 50 damage/bomb 20 seconds No Strength Stat.png
Ice Grenade Icon.png
Ice Grenade Explodes, freezing nearby enemies for 5 seconds and inflicting 35 damage. Always unlocked 35 damage 18 seconds Yes Skill Hp.png
Fire Grenade Icon.png
Fire Grenade Inflicts 12 damage and burns nearby enemies for 3 seconds (25 DPS). Dropped by Grenadier (1.7% chance) 12 damage (25 burning DPS) 13 seconds No Strength Stat.png
Magnetic Grenade Icon.png
Magnetic Grenade Attracts anything close to it and deals 12 DPS (lasts 5.5 sec). Dropped by Grenadier (0.4% chance) 12 DPS 16 seconds No Str Skill.png
Stun Grenade Icon.png
Stun Grenade Inflicts 30 damage and stuns nearby enemies for 2,5 seconds. Found in the Ramparts 30 damage 18 seconds Yes Skill Hp.png
Root Grenade Icon.png
Root Grenade Immobilizes all nearby enemies for 3 seconds and inflicts 30 DPS while they are trapped. Behind Timed Door in the Collector's Room after the Black Bridge (closes after 15 minutes) 30 DPS 16 seconds No Skill Hp.png
Oil Grenade Icon.png
Oil Grenade Inflicts 60 damage and covers nearby enemies with flammable oil. Dropped by Hammer (0.4% chance) 60 damage 10 seconds No Strength Stat.png
Swarm Icon.png
Swarm Summons 4 biters to serve you for 30 seconds (cumulative up to 8 max). Dropped by Disgusting Worm (0.4% chance) Not displayed 0.8 second No Str Hp.png
Hunter's Grenade Icon.png
Hunter's Grenade Throw this grenade at a monster to aggravate it a little. Beat it down to 40% health or less, then use the Blueprint Extractor on the monster to obtain a blueprint from it

Catch 'em all!

Unlocked at the Collector, through the Specialist's Showroom upgrade.

Afterwards spawns behind golden door (which requires 7500 gold to unlock on base difficulty) within Specialist's Shop in Prisoners' Quarters.

N/A N/A No Strength Stat.png

Powers[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Cooldown Time Damage reduction Scaling
Death Orb Icon.png
Death Orb Summons a slow moving but devastating orb of energy (50 damage and 125 DPS, lasts for 12 sec). Dropped by Cleaver (0.4% chance) 50 damage on hit and 125 DPS 20 seconds No Health Stat.png
Tornado Icon.png
Tornado Inflicts 80 DPS to all enemies caught inside. Changes direction when it hits a wall. Lasts for 10 sec. Dropped by Guardian Knight (0.4% chance) 80 DPS 24 seconds No Skill Stat.png
Knife Dance Icon.png
Knife Dance Launches a storm of knives around you which cause bleeding (40 DPS for 4 sec). Dropped by Bat (0.4% chance) 5 damage on hit and 40 bleeding DPS per effect 16 seconds No Str Skill.png
Corrupted Power Icon.png
Corrupted Power Your attacks deal an additional 50 DPS for 8 seconds. You also take +30% extra damage during this period. Dropped by Protector (0.4% chance) 50 DPS 16 seconds Yes Str Skill.png
Vampirism Icon.png
Vampirism Nearby enemies bleed (40 DPS for 20 sec) and drop a healing item (heals 5% HP). Dropped by Inquisitor (0.4% chance) 40 bleeding DPS N/A Yes Str Hp.png
Tonic Icon.png
Tonic Heals 4% HP and completely protects you for 3 seconds. Must be recharged after use. Always unlocked 10 damage

Heal 4% of HP

N/A Yes Health Stat.png
Grappling Hook Icon.png
Grappling Hook Pulls an enemy to you. The next attack on this enemy inflicts +40% damage and stuns for 1 sec.

Yes, just like Scorpion...

Dropped by Catcher (0.4% chance) 40% damage 3 seconds No Str Skill.png
Phaser Icon.png
Phaser Teleports you behind the enemy. The next attack inflicts +70 damage. Dropped by Runner (0.4% chance) 70 damage 2 seconds No Str Skill.png
Corrosive Cloud Icon.png
Corrosive Cloud Creates a toxic cloud that lasts 15 sec, inflicting bleed and poison damage (8 DPS for 2 sec). Dropped by Purulent Zombie (Graveyard) (0.4% chance) 8 bleed/poison DPS 20 seconds No Str Skill.png
Lacerating Aura Icon.png
Lacerating Aura Inflicts 85 DPS to nearby targets (lasts 4 sec). Unlocked on 5th completed Daily Run (only one completion per day counts) 85 DPS 12 seconds No Str Skill.png
Wave of Denial Icon.png
Wave of Denial Repels all nearby enemies back and inflicts 30 damage. If the victim is thrown against a wall, it takes 90 extra damage. Dropped by Bombardier (1.7% chance) 30 (90) damage 5 seconds No Skill Stat.png
Wings of the Crow Icon.png
Wings of the Crow Temporarily (4 sec) allows you to float in the air while inflicting 75 DPS to enemies below you.


Dropped by Golem (1.7% chance) 75 DPS 24 seconds No Skill Stat.png
Great Owl of War Icon.png
Great Owl of War Summon a Great Owl pet (32 DPS). Activating this skill again will anger the Great Owl (105 DPS). The Great Owl disappears if you take any damage. Dropped by Knife Thrower (0.4% chance) 32 DPS 10 seconds No Skill Stat.png
Lightspeed Icon.png Lightspeed Dash forward and inflicts damage to the enemies on the way. Activate again to dash back.

Look behind you!
I said "Behind".

Dropped by The Time Keeper on 1st kill 90 damage 7 seconds No Str Skill.png
Giant Whistle Icon.png Giant Whistle Inflict damage to the most dangerous enemy around... most dangerous ACCORDING to the Giant.

Give me five!

Dropped by The Giant on 3rd kill 500 damage 24 seconds No Health Stat.png
Telluric Shock Icon.png Telluric Shock Leap in the air and violently land back on the ground to inflict damage to the enemies around.

Ready to rumble?

Dropped by The Hand of the King on 2nd kill 150 damage 10 seconds No Str Hp.png
Collector's Syringe Icon.png Collector's Syringe Spin the syringe around you to inflict damage. Activate again to add DPS (up to 5 times) and 5 seconds, for a mere few cells.

Become the Spin Doctor.

Dropped by The Collector (Boss) on 1st kill 40 base DPS

240 max DPS

20 seconds No Str Hp.png
Blueprint Extractor Icon.png
Blueprint Extractor Use this on a monster transformed by the Hunter's Grenade with less than 40% health remaining Drops nearby transformed monster after Hunter's Grenade successfuly used N/A N/A N/A Skill Stat.png
Forgotten Map.png
Forgotten Map Reveals your surroundings. Only works once. Unlocked at The Collector's, through the Specialist's Showroom upgrade.

Afterwards spawns behind golden door (which requires 10000 gold to unlock on base difficulty) within Specialist's Shop in Prisoners' Quarters.

N/A N/A Yes Skill Stat.png

Removed Gear[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Powers[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Cooldown Time Damage reduction Scaling Removed In
Temporal Distortion Icon.png
Temporal Distortion Slows down all enemies for 3.5 seconds. Dropped by Failed Experiment (0.4% chance) 0 20 seconds Yes Skill Stat.png v1.2.5

Amulets[edit | edit source]

You may only equip one amulet at a time, but their effects are powerful...
"A fine object, adroitly hidden under your clothes to make less work for the artists."

Amulets come in Ruby, Golden, Ice, Sapphire, or Moonstone. They are most frequently acquired by defeating Elite enemies or by opening Timed or Perfect Doors. Amulets can also be found within Challenge Rift chests, on corpses, or by rummaging through loot in lore rooms. Amulets carry one or more affixes, grant damage reduction, and can give the player more Stats.

As amulets are leveled items, the gear levels of Biomes affect the quantity and quality of the Affixes on the amulets found, as well as the number of Stats and the % of damage reduction they grant.

Prisoner's Collar[edit | edit source]

"Nothing worth mentioning, except maybe a vague whiff of dead rat..."

The player starts every run with the Prisoner's Collar equipped. It gives no benefits of any kind.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Test done by fighting the Concierge 80 times on a fresh save and 49 times on a 100% save. probability to get a Legendary from the starter pool was 71% on a fresh save and 12% on a 100% save. The theoretical probability assuming equal chance to drop all items is 16%.

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