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Skills are secondary abilities in Dead Cells that can be used in combat. The player must find skills throughout the run, as they will never start with them. Skill damage and cooldown can be improved with the Skills stat.

The player has two skill slots. Upon picking up a third skill, a menu which compares all three will appear, allowing the player to choose which of the three skills to discard.

Equipped skills can be swapped with each other in the pause menu, using the Interact key.

List of skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Cooldown Time Damage added per Skill Level
Death Orb Icon.png Death Orb Summons a slow moving but devastating orb of energy (x damage/s). Dropped by Meat Grinder 100 damage/s 9 seconds 10 damage/s
Knife Storm Icon.png Knife Storm Launches a storm of knives around you which cause bleed damage for 4 seconds (x damage/s). Dropped by Bat 40 bleeding damage/s per effect 8 seconds 4 bleeding damage/s per effect
Damage Buffer Icon.png Corrupted Power You deal +70% damage for 8 seconds.You also take +30% extra damage during this period. Dropped by Defender 60 damage 15 seconds N/A (unleveled skill)
Grappling Hook Icon.png Grappling Hook Pulls an enemy to you. Your next melee attacks on the victim deal 60% extra damage.

"Yes, just like Scorpion..."

Dropped by Catcher Not displayed 3 seconds N/A (unleveled skill)
Phaser Icon.png Phaser You teleport behind an enemy. The damage of your next melee attack is increased by 150%. Dropped by Phazer N/A 1.8 seconds N/A
Grenade Icon.png Grenade Explodes, inflicting x damage. N/A (always unlocked) 80 damage 2.8 seconds 8 damage
Cluster Bomb Icon.png Cluster Bomb Explodes into 6 mini bombs inflicting x damage each Dropped by Slasher 42 damage/bomb 4 seconds 4.2 damage/bomb
Magnetic Grenade Icon.png Magnetic Grenade Attracts anything close to it and deals x damage/s. Dropped by Grenadier 12 damage/s 8 seconds 1.2 damage/s
Flashbang Icon.png Flashbang Inflicts x damage and stuns nearby enemies for 2 seconds. N/A (always unlocked) 20 damage 9 seconds 2 damage
Ice Grenade Icon.png Ice Grenade Explodes freezing nearby enemies and inflicting x damage. N/A (always unlocked) 35 damage 9 seconds 3.5 damage
Fire Grenade Icon.png Fire Grenade Inflicts x damage and burns nearby enemies for 3 seconds (y damage/s). Dropped by Grenadier 12 damage (25 burning damage/s) 8 seconds 1.2 damage (2.5 damage/s)
Ivy Grenade Icon.png Ivy Grenade Immobilizes all nearby enemies for 3 seconds and inflicts x damage/s while they are trapped. Behind Timed Door in the Collector's Room after the Black Bridge (closes after 10 minutes 30 seconds) 30 damage/s 8 seconds 3 damage/s
Biter Swarm Icon.png Biter Swarm Summons a swarm of small biting creatures to attack for you. Dropped by Ugly Worm Not displayed 7 seconds N/A (unleveled skill)
Horizontal Turret Icon.png Horizontal Turret Rapid fires on nearby enemies, inflicting x damage/s. Dropped by Zombie 40 damage/s 5 seconds 4 damage/s
Flamethrower Turret Icon.png Flamethrower Turret Burns nearby enemies for 2 seconds (x damage/s). Dropped by Shocker 10 burning damage/s 6 seconds 1 burning damage/s
Meat Grinder Icon.png Meat Grinder Inflicts x damage/s and bleeding (y damage/s) to enemies walking on it. Dropped by Phazer 35 damage/s (6 bleeding damage/s 5 seconds 3.5 damage/s (0.6 bleeding damage/s)
Bear Trap Icon.png Bear Trap Launches 2 traps which immobilize enemies for 6.5 seconds. Increases all damage taken by trapped enemies by 35%. N/A (always unlocked) N/A 7 seconds N/A
Oil Grenade Icon.png Oil Grenade Inflicts x damage and covers nearby enemies with flammable oil. Dropped by Running Zombie 20 damage 4 seconds 2 damage
Tonic Icon.png Tonic Heals x HP and completely protects you for 10 seconds. Single use. Dropped by The Watcher 75 HP 0 seconds 7.5 HP
Ceiling Turret Icon.png Ceiling Turret Fires rapidly on enemies passing below inflicting x damage/s. You need to be close by for this to work. Dropped by Thorny 52 damage/s 5 seconds 5.2 damage/s
Heavy Turret Icon.png Heavy Turret Fires on all nearby enemies and inflicts x damage/s. Your own damage is increased by 15% if you are close to the turret. Dropped by Slasher 60 damage/s 5 seconds 6 damage/s
Crusher Icon.png Crusher Violently crushes enemies in its area of effect (x damage). Dropped by Spinner 200 damage 7 seconds 20 damage
Vampirism Icon.png Vampirism You recover x HP per melee hit that you deal for 10 seconds. You also take +75% extra damage during this period. Dropped by Inquisitor 1 HP/hit 25 seconds 0.1 HP/hit
Lure Icon.png Lure You disappear for 6 seconds and leave a lure in your place which attracts all nearby enemies. Dropped by Defender N/A 10 seconds N/A
Toxic Cloud Icon.png Toxic Cloud Releases a toxic cloud of poison which inflicts x damage/s for 4 seconds. Dropped by Host Zombie 15 damage/s 10 seconds 1.5 damage/s
Night Light Ver2 Icon.png The Night Light Lights the way. (?) N/A (skill cannot be unlocked - it only appears at the start of every Forgotten Sepulchre) N/A 120 seconds N/A