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Ossuary (0-3 BSC), Prison Depths, Graveyard, High Peak Castle (Elite In Blue Area), Throne Room (Summoned by HotK), Ramparts (1-3 BSC)
Cluster Grenade (1.7%), Heavy Turret (0.4%), Demon Outfit (3+ BSC, 0.4%)

Slashers are enemies encountered in the Ossuary, Prison Depths, and the Graveyard. One of them is also one of the key guardians of High Peak Castle, and they can be summoned by The Hand of the King in the Throne Room. With 1 BSC activated, they will start to appear in the Ramparts.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Slasher attacks three times with his sword, tracking the player before every swing. Once aggro'd, the Slasher will move quickly towards the player, but won't leave the floor he is standing on, leaving him prone to attacks from above. Their third swing has more range than the previous two, although it also takes longer to charge.

They can be quite challenging to defeat, especially because Slashers appear early in the game. Bringing ranged weapons/skills or a shield is advised. They only have one attack pattern, although they do move quite fast.