Stilt Village

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Stilt Village
The Stilt Village.png
Location: After the Black Bridge, above the Slumbering Sanctuary
Previous biome(s): Black Bridge. Ramparts (3 BSC active)
Next biome(s): Clock Tower, Forgotten Sepulcher
Enemy Tier: 11-13
Gear Level 4
Timed Door 17:00 (1 Scroll of Power)
Scrolls: 3 Scrolls of Power, 1 Dual-Stat Scroll
Food shop Yes
Cursed Chests 2 (2 & 3 boss cells required) and 1 guaranteed
Runes and Blueprints
Blueprints from enemies Wrenching Whip
Blueprints from secret areas Parry Shield
Enemies: Purulent Zombies (Sewers), Weaver Worms, Pirate Captains, Kamikazes, Zombies
Traps: Spikes
Wandering Elite Chance: 75%
The village was first in line when the Malaise started to spread. At first they buried their dead. Before long, they were fighting them.

The Stilt Village is a fourth level biome.

This is the main settlement of the island. Here, the villagers would live a simple land. They would dine of the salty sea, casting the bait and nets for a little bite from a fish. Then, everyone started dying from the Malaise. At first, they quietly mourned their family, and wondered what higher power had they bothered to deserve this... But then, the ground opened up like a mouth; Not to swallow, but to spit out the undead, undead to drag them back into the mouth. The stilt village is a former shell of itself, and the crows are as numerous as the fish once were. Indeed, only the buildings, the insane scratchings, and the dead bodies of the villagers lay here as a reminder of what this once was. Now, no fish swims near the coast. The blood has made its way into the water, contaminating it, and providing a hazard for their life. Among the buildings and the nets, it is even more endangering. The fishermen now fish for live blood, finding the blood floating in the water too salty to drink.

Specialties[edit | edit source]

  • the Stilt Village is an outside biome, meaning that the biome is mainly open, with buildings jutting from the ground
  • this biome has 1-2 gates that cant be bypassed without a key. a key can be found in one of the Entrances, ussually in the building beforehand, with a special label next to it.

Loading Screen Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "The village was first in line when the Malaise started to spread. At first they buried their dead. Before long, they were fighting them."
  • "It was a lovely village in the old days. Before everything there was intent on devouring you."
  • "Fishing was the main activity in this little hamlet, until the water started turning murky and dark."
  • "Before, it took several days for the fish to get that putrid smell."

Lore Encounters[edit | edit source]

  • A room with a woman who hung herself can be encountered. Her lasts words on a note are, "The Malaise won't get us. I'll protect you... I'll protect you." The bodies of two people with slit throats can be found in the bed nearby. [1]
  • The Alchemist has set up a laboratory dedicated to curing ill "volunteers". He reports that the essence of bupleurum seems to relieve symptoms.[2]
  • The scrawling on the wall of a house begs people to "SAVE YOUR SOUL INSTEAD!" other than naming the Malaise.[3]

Secret[edit | edit source]

There is the secret blueprint of the Parry Shield that can be accessed by skipping the middle door from above to keep one of the two Village Keys to use in an extra door through a secret passage next to the elevator at the ending of the level. You MUST HAVE the Ram Rune to access the secret passage, also the Spider Rune may make it easier for this but you can use an Amulet that gives you more jumps as well.

Level Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Scrolls[edit | edit source]

The Stilt Village contains 4 scrolls, including 3 Power Scrolls and 1 Dual-stat scrolls.

Boss Stem Cells rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 1 BSC: Treasure Chest
  • 2 BSC: Cursed Chest
  • 3 BSC: Cursed Chest
  • 4 BSC: ?

Fog fjord secret path.png Counter.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Stilt Village was formerly named Fog Fjord, but the name was changed in the Baguette Update.

References[edit | edit source]