Temporal Distortion

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Temporal Distortion

Temporal Distortion Icon.png

Slows down all enemies for 3.5 seconds.
Internal name TimeDistorsion
Type Skill (Power)
Scaling Skill Stat.png
Leveled Item Yes

Temporal Distortion is a scrapped power-type skill that could slow down enemies for 3.5 seconds, allowing the player to get rid of them easily or to escape dangerous situations.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

This skill has been present in the game files since early access, but was never usable in a stable build of the game. During the alpha of the v1.2 Rise of the Giant DLC , it was briefly available to players. However, issues with its balancing, and more importantly technical problems with its implementation led the developers to remove it from the game. It is still available through modding on PC.