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The Baguette Update

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The Baguette Update, also known as The Back to the Roots Update, was made available on March 3rd, 2018.

Official patch notes[edit | edit source]

Important features[edit | edit source]

  • [Community suggestion] The Forge has been completely updated. Our primary goal was to come back to the roguelite roots by giving you ways to upgrade your loots but without direct control on which item is upgraded (improvise, adapt, overcome!). The new Forge allows you to invest on drop frequency of each item quality. It's a guaranteed frequency : so if you have 25% for "+" quality items, 25% of all items found will be quality "+". You cannot invest on "++" until you have at least 50% "+" quality (same goes for "S" quality).
  • [Community suggestion] A new Minor Forge allows you to reroll affixes on existing items, or upgrade them to higher quality levels (eg. from ++ to S). The reroll costs more & more as you use on a single item.

You may now drop random Legendary loots from enemies. These items are similar to "S-level" items: they are Colorless, deal/absorb more damage, have lots of properties, but have slightly less Tier bonuses. You may find these on any standard enemy (rare), on Elites (uncommon) or on Bosses (always).

  • The cooldown reduction mutation has been splitted into 2 distinct mutations: one for grenade cooldowns and another one for all other active skills.
  • Reworking of the Challenge Levels : The treasure is available at the entrance, but if you take it, you must cross the entire challenge level! First good news : don't worry, you won't be kicked out if you are hit. Second good news : no monsters, only traps! Good luck!

Balancing[edit | edit source]

  • Added a new curse-related mutation
  • [Community suggestion] Rotating spiked-ball traps can FINALLY be dodged.
  • [Community suggestion] Added a new mutation related to traps.
  • Added a new mutation related to shields.
  • [Community suggestion] Enemies will no longer attack you when standing in a Shop.
  • [Community suggestion] Impaler now deals more powerful critical strikes.
  • [Community suggestion] Challenge portals now have a scroll as reward.
  • Challenge portals are now much rarer.
  • [Community suggestion] The 3 starting items are capped to "+"' quality level.

Level Design[edit | edit source]

  • Updated transitions before Sewers & Ossuary.
  • Secret Rooms added everywhere.
  • More room variety in "The Ramparts"
  • More room variety in "Clock Tower".
  • Removed a useless teleporter from Throne room.
  • [Community suggestion] Removed long empty corridors from Ossuary & Old sewers.
  • Added many teleporters in the second part of Sanctuary.
  • Sanctuary is now longer and contains more enemies.
  • Slightly reduced Clock Tower length.

Graphics & UI[edit | edit source]

  • All new UI !
    • The pause menu has been changed and Options, Restart and Quit are now easily accessible.
    • A new page, "Infos", is also in the pause menu.
    • The "stats" guy in "Prison Cells" now shows more information about your progression.
    • Boss cells are now displayed in the minimap when activated.
    • Lots of polish and feedbacks added to make infos more readable during your run!
  • [Community suggestion] Gold nuggets can be broken using the Use button.
  • The "Tutorial Knight" is now a Tomb Raider© .
  • The "Graveyard" and the "Fog Fjord" now have a different mood in interior rooms.
  • Many secrets from the game are no longer be visible on the minimap. You should now pay attention instead of just scanning the map ;)
  • Added a new loading screen between levels.
  • Updated the Blood Sword fx.
  • "The Insufferable Crypt" has been improved!

Music & Sfx[edit | edit source]

  • A lot of missing SFXs have been added.
  • The music now stops when you beat a boss, and you even get a jingle victory \o/

Bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an exploit that permitted floating around using the Hunter Grenade extractor.
  • Fixed Level design bugs.
  • Fixed a rare bug involving zombies jumping right after being rooted.
  • Fixed an Aura of Laceration crash.
  • The protector mob (from Promenade) should now work properly even when not on screen.
  • Tornado skill should no longer get stuck when used in shallow water.
  • Fixed many level generation crashes.