The Collector

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The Collector
In his laboratory in passages, between each two biomes.

The Collector is an NPC in Dead Cells. He invites the player to give him cells and blueprints in return for experimental items and more power. Purchases from the Collector carry over through each run.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

There are four types of upgrades: general improvements, Mutations, Weapons, and Skills. In addition to equipment, the player can also find blueprints for outfits, which will change their appearance. They can all be found at the Tailor.

Health Flask I must be unlocked before anything else. Anything other than general improvements are NOT listed here, as they can be found on their individual pages.

General improvements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Cost Requirements Notes
Healing Potion 1 Icon.png
Health Flask I Unlocks a health potion that can be used at any time. 5 Must be unlocked first. Heals 60% of your health over a few seconds. Each use removes 5 Malaise.
Healing Potion 2 Icon.png
Health Flask II The health potion can be used 2 times. 50 Health Flask I
Healing Potion 3 Icon.png
Health Flask III The health potion can be used 3 times. 150 Health Flask II, unlock 10 items
Healing Potion 4 Icon.png
Health Flask IV The health potion can be used 4 times. 300 Health Flask III, unlock 25 items
Gold Reserves 1 Icon.png
Gold Reserves I Preserves up to 500 GOLD when you die. 5 Health Flask I
Gold Reserves 2 Icon.png
Gold Reserves II Preserves up to 1000 GOLD when you die. 35 Gold Reserves I
Gold Reserves 3 Icon.png
Gold Reserves III Preserves up to 1500 GOLD when you die. 100 Gold Reserves II, unlock 8 items
Gold Reserves 4 Icon.png
Gold Reserves IV Preserves up to 2000 GOLD when you die. 200 Gold Reserves III, unlock 15 items
Gold Reserves 5 Icon.png
Gold Reserves V Preserves up to 2500 GOLD when you die. 400 Gold Reserves IV, unlock 30 items Only available after finding its blueprint in the secret maze room in the Ancient Sewers. Requires the Homunculus Rune to get.[1]
Recycling 1 Icon.png
Recycling I You can transform the items you find on the ground or in chests into gold (7% of the sale price) 25 Health Flask I
Recycling 2 Icon.png
Recycling II You can transform the items you find on the ground or in chests into gold (15% of the sale price) 120 Recycling I
Random Melee Weapon Icon.png
Random Melee Weapon The starting weapon is randomly drawn from those you have unlocked. 65 Unlock 12 items
Random Starting Bow Icon.png
Random Starting Bow The starting bow is randomly drawn from those you have unlocked. 65 Unlock 2 items
Random Starting Shield Icon.png
Random Starting Shield The starting shield is randomly drawn from those you have unlocked. 65 Unlock 2 items
Restock Icon.png
Restock Refreshes a shop's stocks at a very reasonable price. 300 Unlock 20 items The player can interact with a pedestal at any shop to change the items on display. Can be used 5 times per shop, with the shopkeeper's prices increasing by +40% every time it is used.
Hunter's Grenade Icon.png
Specialist's Showroom Unlocks a special shop in the Prisoner's Cells. There you'll find all sorts of rare and expensive oddities for only the most experienced and discerning shoppers. 150 Unlock 20 items Makes the Specialist's Shop spawn in Prisoners' Quarters each run, which contains a Hunter's Grenade, a Forgotten Map, and the Golden Outfit blueprint.
Hunter's Mirror Icon.png
Hunter's Mirror Unlocks a mirror near the Scribe that may come in handy during your hunts. 150 Specialist's Showroom Shows a random enemy or boss that carries a blueprint you don't have yet, Will not show any items that cannot be unlocked at that difficulty, but the mirror can show you inaccessible enemies.
Merchandise Categories Icon.png
Merchandise Categories The merchants will offer a wider range of categories. 300 Unlock 30 items Found in the Graveyard. The Architect's key (found randomly in a wall) is needed to get it.

You can now pick between 3 categories in item shops. This will force the shop to have only the items selected. (Does not affect the food shops.)

Weapon and skill shop categories can be chosen between the 3 colors: Brutality, Tactics, Survival.

This can be changed in Custom Mode to work as it did prior to v1.9 which allowed the choice of different weapons (Melee, Ranged, Shields) and skills (Deployable Traps, Grenades, Miscellaneous Skills)

Advanced Forge You can increase the quality of an object at the forge twice instead of once. 200 Gold Reserves IV, unlock 40 items Only accessible after defeating Conjunctivius for the seventh time.
Recycling Tubes Icon.png
Recycling Tubes Allows you to choose between a few sets of starting equipment, each containing a melee weapon, ranged weapon, shield and two skills. 150 Only available after you get its blueprint by defeating Hand of the King on 1 BSC mode.

Replaces your starting equipment with a large room that holds 4 sets of starting equipment. (If you do not have a Random Starting X upgrade, you still get the basic weapon).

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

First time meeting the Collector:

  • "Well, look who it is..."
  • "I'm the collector, and I'm about the closest thing you'll find to decent company around here."
  • "Bring me the CELLS you gather from the others. In exchange, i'll procure a few useful little items for you..."
  • "Should you stumble upon a BLUEPRINT, bring it to me and I will introduce you to some more... experimental items."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • According to the Blacksmith and the Tailor's quotes, the Collector appears to have connections with them.
  • The Collector shares a similar leg structure with the Bomber enemy. Whether this is intentional or not is unknown.

References[edit | edit source]