The Gardener

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The Gardener
Prisoners' Quarters

Promenade of the Condemned


The Gardener is a frequently mentioned prisoner along the player's journey. He can be found in his room hanged in the Prisoners' Quarters[1], the Promenade of the Condemned or the Ramparts.

The Gardener's keys[edit | edit source]

In the Promenade of the Condemned, three Gardener Keys are required to open doors to obtain the Explosive Crossbow blueprint. While the first two keys seem ordinary, the third one is actually a talking rose in a pot. It seems to be the fruit of an experiment by the Gardener, as it resembles the black potted plant found in the Gardener's cell[1].

The Gardener's keys can also be swapped for Moon Flower keys in the Ramparts, Graveyard and Forgotten Sepulcher in order to unlock the Acceptance mutation in the Castle.

The Gardener's prison cell[edit | edit source]

A prison cell full of flowers can be found, where the Gardener hung himself.[1]

  • There is a black potted plant on the left side of their room. Upon being interacted with by the player, it is revealed that the pot has a label on it which reads, Do not water after midnight
    • The Player then states, That thing looks less like a flower than an experiment gone horribly wrong.
    • Do not water after midnight, this may be a reference to American comedy horror "Gremlins", where creature called mogwai shall not be fed after midnight
    • This plant seems related to the third Gardener's key.
  • Upon inspecting the Gardener's mattress, All the fabric from the bed seems to have been torn up and used elsewhere
    • It is assumed that the torn up pieces were used to make their noose.
  • Upon inspection of the white flower in the center of the room, A whole bunch of plants that seem to have a bit underwatered recently followed by the player saying Looks like this guy loved flowers.
  • Upon inspecting the hanged prisoner, Guess he wanted to choose the time of his death. followed by He's holding a faded flower between his fingers. "A moment of silence..." Nah! I've got better things to do!
    • The player then kicks the corpse, revealing an amulet.

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