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"The Giant"
Guardian's Haven
Giant Killer (1st kill)

5th Boss Stem Cell (requires 4 BSC active)

5 Giant Outfits

The Giant is the fifth boss in Dead Cells. His boss fight was added in the Rise of the Giant update. He lays dormant in the The Prisoners' Quarters until the player beats The Hand of the King.

Once The Hand of the King is beaten, The Giant awakens from the starting cell and busts down the door found after the starting items. Once the player follows him in, a small cutscene will play. In that room, a key can be found that permanently unlocks the Cavern, which can be reached from the Graveyard.

His boss fight is found in the Guardian's Haven, which can be reached from the Cavern or doors in Forgotten Sepulcher (2+ BSC active).

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Giant used to be part of the Royal Guard, as indicated by the huge painting in the High Peak Castle depicting him under the King's banners. His duty was to guard the gates of the Castle.[1] However, during the Malaise epidemic, the Giant started voicing his concerns and warning the King that his methods were leading the island to its ruin. Following this feud, the King had the Giant killed with a spear and his corpse dumped in the Prisoners' Quarters. While the King gave instructions to make sure the Giant would never rise again[2], beating the Hand of the King wakes him from his slumber.

When the Beheaded reaches the Giant for the first time, he is revealed as the King, who has lost his body after suffering from the Malaise (and probably due to the Alchemist's experiments). The Giant has a poor opinion of the King/Beheaded, but still respects his title and seems to keep a great respect for royalty and the kingdom. Indeed, the Giant is the only character in Dead Cells to call the Beheaded "My King..." (except for a small cutscene with the Hand of the King). Upon being defeated, the Giant once again expresses his frustration and disappointment with the King's actions, and eventually sinks in the lava after calling him "an incorrigible ass" and giving him the middle finger.

Upon reaching the Giant with 4 BSC active, he bears a crystal on his forehead identical to the one on the King's chest. After defeating him, a different dialogue will trigger where the Giant admits his defeat was fair, unlike in the old days (referring to when the King had his soldiers kill him with a spear). He will then give the 5th Boss Stem Cell to the player, noting that it might be of more use to him, before his head explodes. This cutscene cannot be seen again once the 5th Boss Stem Cell has been absorbed.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • The crystal shards dropping from the ceiling inflict damage that is reduced by Masochist.

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