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The Giant

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"The Giant"
Guardian's Haven
Giant Killer (1st kill)

Giant Whistle (3rd kill)

5th Boss Stem Cell (requires 4 BSC active)

5 Giant Outfits

The Giant is the fifth boss in Dead Cells, added in the Rise of the Giant update. His corpse rests in the The Prisoners' Quarters until the player beats The Hand of the King.

Once The Hand of the King is beaten, The Giant awakens from the starting cell and busts down the door found after the starting items. If the player follows him, a small cutscene will play, then a key can be found to permanently unlock the Cavern entrance from the Graveyard.

His boss fight is found in the Guardian's Haven, reached from the Cavern or a 2+ BSC door in the Forgotten Sepulcher.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Giant was in the Royal Guard, indicated by the huge painting in High Peak Castle depicting him under the King's banner. His duty was to guard the gates of the Castle.[1]

During the Malaise epidemic, the Giant warned the King that his methods would lead the island to its ruin. In response, the King had his men kill the Giant with a spear and dump his corpse in the Prisoners' Quarters. While the King gave instructions to make sure the Giant would never rise again[2], beating the Hand of the King for the first time reawakens The Giant.

When reaching The Giant for the first time, he reveals The Beheaded as the former King, his body lost to the Malaise (and probably the Alchemist's experiments). The Giant thinks poorly of the Beheaded, but still respects his title — The Giant is one of only two characters to call him "My King" (the other a small cutscene with the Hand of the King).

When defeated, The Giant again expresses his frustration and disappointment with the King's actions, then sinks in the lava while calling him "an incorrigible ass" and giving him the middle finger. The Beheaded returns the gesture.

When reaching The Giant with 4 BSC active, he wears a crystal on his forehead identical to the one on the King's chest. Defeating him triggers a different dialogue where The Giant admits his defeat was fair, unlike the old days (referring to when the King's soldiers killed him). He gives the 5th Boss Stem Cell to the player, noting that it might be of more use to him, then his head explodes. This cutscene cannot be seen again once the 5th Boss Stem Cell is absorbed.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

An arena-wide swing that’s much quicker than it seems. Deals high damage and pushes the player into the lava.
Energy orbs
The Giant opens a fist to fire a salvo of energy orbs across the arena. Can be reflected with a shield or deleted by any skill that destroys projectiles (e.g. Wave of Denial, Tornado).
Ground pound
A fist drop that hurts as it descends, and sends out shockwaves on impact.
Charge up & Flurry attack
Each fist may clench and gather energy, with its charge level visible on that shoulder’s pauldron. If the left fist charges up 3 times, it performs 3 ground pound attacks in rapid succession; if it's the right hand, the hand will blast out 4 waves of Energy Orbs.

When enraged[edit | edit source]

Once The Giant’s health drops below 50%, he roars and gains new attacks:

Double ground pound
The Giant puts his fists together and drops them both onto the ground, covering a wider area and producing overlapping shockwaves. This causes sharp crystals to drop from the ceiling for a long period of time, like the falling swords of The Time Keeper or the collapsing ceiling from Ground Shakers.

Eye lasers

The Giant shoots out two beams of lasers out of his eyesockets that sweep inward and restrict the player to the center of the arena. They deal damage on contact, can't be rolled through, and will repel the player if they roll or walk into them, trapping them in the center until they end.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Giant’s fists each have their own health. The player must reduce a fist’s HP to 0, causing it to fall to the ground and an eyeball to dangle out of The Giant’s skull. The player can climb onto and stand on the downed fist and attack the eyeball to damage the Giant’s health meter.

The Giant will not attack while he is vulnerable, but crystals will still fall from the ceiling.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Damage from the falling crystal shards can be reduced by Masochist.
  • The Parry Shield and Spite mutation work excellently to reflect the laser orbs, sometimes reducing a fist’s HP to 0 by parrying one salvo.
  • Ranged weapons are useful to attack the fists while they hover in the air.
  • Quick melee weapons that slow your descent when used are best. It is difficult to damage the fists with slow melee weapons.
  • Traps other than the Barnacle tend not to be very useful, as most of The Giant’s attacks destroy them instantly. The Crusher also struggles to hit The Giant’s fists at all.
  • The Giant’s fists are immune to many statuses, such as being rooted to the ground.
  • Neither the fists or eyes have a back or front, making Assassin's Dagger and Vorpan ineffective choices.

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