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The King's throne was sculpted right out of the rock where it sits. Many months of work went into its exquisite details.
The Hand of the King has lived here as a recluse for a very long time... No one really knows what he eats.
One can admire the full splendor of the island from this vantage point. And the full extent of its infection by the Malaise.

Throne Room
Throne Room.png
Location: Inside High Peak Castle
Previous biome(s): High Peak Castle, Guardian's Haven
Next biome(s): Prisoners' Quarters (restarting the run) or Astrolab (5 BSC only)
Enemy Tier: 23 (0 BSC) / 44 (5 BSC)
Runes and Blueprints
Runes Homunculus Rune
Blueprints from enemies Symmetrical Lance, Telluric Shock, Recycling Tubes (1 BSC)

4 Boss Stem Cell.png Boss Stem Cells

5 Hand of the King outfits

Traps: Spikes
Boss(es) The Hand of the King

The Throne Room is the room of The King of the island, guarded by the final boss, The Hand of the King

This room has a strange, enchanted beauty to it. While decay of the island is fully visible below, one may find a calm and serene beauty in it all. The beautiful starry sky is visible, and a fountain slowly pours its heart out. The main feature, of course, is the throne, with the King silently sitting... Dead silent. Just before him watches the Hand of the King, ever vigilant. In your time of appreciating the beauty, he has spotted you... And you're an intruder. A spell fizzles around the king in a protective matter, and the massive man(?) charges forth towards you. He roars at you. One more enemy to finish off to complete your goal... But what's one more to a thousand? Sooner or later, after you turn his body into broken flesh... It's the king next. And then, it is time to make it all change.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This biome used to be referred to as the "Guardian's Haven" in the Steam achievements, which might mean that its name was changed later.

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