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Timed doors appear in most biomes. If a timed door is not reached and opened within a set amount of time in a run, it will be locked and unopenable. Time spent in the beginning area of The Prisoners' Cell, the Collector's Room, in shops, treasure and lore rooms does not count towards timed doors. Behind each door are some gems and jewels, which turn into gold when picked up, as well as some cells. Some timed doors also contain Scrolls of Power and/or a blueprint.

Times for each biome[edit | edit source]

Biome Time Scroll of Power Blueprint
The Prisoners' Quarters N/A
The Promenade of the Condemned 2 minutes 1 Assault Shield
The Toxic Sewers 2 minutes 1
The Ramparts 8 minutes 1
Ancient Sewers N/A
Ossuary 8 minutes 1 Marksman's Bow
The Prison Depths N/A
The Black Bridge[1] 15 minutes 0 Root Grenade
The Insufferable Crypt N/A
Stilt Village 17 minutes 1
Graveyard 19 minutes, 30 seconds 2
Slumbering Sanctuary N/A
Forgotten Sepulcher 26 minutes 2
The Clock Tower N/A
Clock Room N/A
High Peak Castle N/A
Throne Room N/A

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This door is actually located in the Collector's room after the Black Bridge