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Tonic Icon.png

Heals 4% HP and completely protects you for 3 seconds. Must be recharged after use.
Internal name ExtraHeal, ExtraHealEmpty (Empty Tonic)
Type Skill (Power)
Scaling Health Stat.png
Leveled Item No
Duration 4 seconds (force shield)
First Hit 4-25% of HP (healing)
Drop Chance N/A (Always unlocked)

Tonic is a limited-use healing skill which restores up to 25% of health and grants a force shield lasting for 3 seconds. After each use, it must be recharged by leaving the current biome or by using a flask before it can be used again. It is important to note that using it in the Collector's laboratory counts as using it for the next biome.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Effects:
    • Heals the player for 4-25% (base-max) of health over 1 second(?) and grants a force shield lasting for 3 seconds which protects the player from all damage.
    • Using the skill converts it to Tonic (Empty), an unusable skill (with Survival scaling) which is converted back into Tonic when the player leaves the current biome/uses their flask.
  • Tags: Transform on Use, No Damage, Heal
  • Legendary Version: Miracle
    • Forced Affix: Run Speed on Use
      • "Increases movement speed for 10 seconds"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Before update v1.1, Tonic healed using set number of health instead of percentage.