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Toxic Sewers

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Toxic Sewers
The Toxic Sewers.png
Location: Under the Prisoners' Quarters
Required rune(s): Vine Rune
Previous biome(s): Prisoners' Quarters
Next biome(s): Ramparts, Ancient Sewers (with Ram Rune)
Enemy Tier: 2–5 / 13–18 (5 BSC)
Gear Level II (0 BSC) / V (5 BSC)
Timed Door 2:00
Scrolls: 1 Scroll of Power, 2 Dual Scrolls
Cursed Chests 2–3 (1 randomly, the 2nd requires 2 BSC, the 3rd requires 4 BSC)
Runes and Blueprints
Runes Teleportation Rune
Blueprints from secret areas Spite, Frenzy
Enemies: Zombies, Scorpions, Disgusting Worms, Kamikazes, Undead Archers
Traps: poisonous water
Wandering Elite Chance: 70%
Elite Room Chance: 5%
Many believed the sewers were a path to freedom. No one ever made it out the other side.

The Toxic Sewers are a second level biome.

The waters of these sewers are contaminated by a poisonous greenish substance that has oozed its way into the pipes. The pipes have decayed, rusting and cracking. Boxes of unknown origin litter these filthy tunnels, abandoned to rot. Bars cut off some of the area, with the occasional vocal occupant.

No prisoner has ever reached freedom through these sewers— the toxic atmosphere and revenants make sure of that.

General information[edit | edit source]

Access and exit[edit | edit source]

The Vine rune is required to access this Biome through the Prisoners' Quarters.

Two exits lead out of the Toxic Sewers: one takes the Beheaded back to the surface atop the Ramparts, and the other leads further underground to the Ancient Sewers. To access the Ancient Sewers, the player must use the Ram rune.

Teleportation rune[edit | edit source]

An Elite Slasher can be found here which drops the Teleportation rune. It disappears after being defeated.

Level characteristics[edit | edit source]

Scrolls[edit | edit source]

The Toxic Sewers contains 3 scrolls, including 1 Power Scroll and 2 Dual-stat scrolls. Scrolls cannot spawn in areas requiring the Teleport, Ram or Spider runes.

Enemy tier and gear level scaling[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
Gear level II II II III V
Enemy tier 2–5 5–9 9–12 11–15 13–18

Boss Stem Cell rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 1 BSC: Treasure Chest
  • 2 BSC: Cursed Chest
  • 3 BSC: ?
  • 4 BSC: Cursed Chest

Chests and loot[edit | edit source]

  • There is a 10% chance of an extra Cursed Chest in the level.
  • A guaranteed cursed chest is found behind a 2 BSC door.

Shops[edit | edit source]

[needs confirmed data]

Exclusive blueprints[edit | edit source]

Secret areas[edit | edit source]

  • The Spite mutation can be found in the Collector transition area between the Prisoners' Quarters and the Toxic Sewers.[1]
  • The Frenzy mutation can be found behind the 2 minute timed door in the same transition area.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

In the Toxic Sewers, you will find plenty of Kamikazes, Disgusting Worms, and Scorpions, which are the iconic enemies of this level. In addition, Zombies, Undead Archers, and Grenadiers dwell here. On higher difficulties, Purulent Zombies, Knife Throwers, and Rampagers make this stage even harder. The Toxic Sewers do not have any unique enemies.

In the table below, you will find which enemies are present in the Toxic Sewers depending on difficulty level. For each enemy, any common, uncommon, rare or legendary blueprints they carry are indicated. When applicable, the minimum difficulty level for blueprint acquisition is specified in brackets.

Enemy Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
Disgusting Worm Swarm, Valmont's Whip
Kamikaze Frantic Sword, Neon Outfit (1 BSC)
Zombie Double Crossb-o-matic, Bobby Outfit (1 BSC)
Scorpion Rapier, Donatello Outfit (2 BSC)
Undead Archer Bow and Endless Quiver, Infantry Bow, Ice Bow
Grenadier Fire Grenade, Magnetic Grenade
Knife Thrower Great Owl of War, Legendary Warrior's Outfit (3 BSC)
Rampager Adrenalin
Purulent Zombie (Sewers) Force Shield, Fisherman's Outfit

Lore[edit | edit source]

Conjunctivius lore[edit | edit source]


Main Article: Conjunctivius

A series of lore rooms scattered around the Toxic Sewers and Ancient Sewers explain how Conjunctivius came to be.

It begins with a nameless, faceless corpse in the Sewers, likely infected by the Malaise. The body is bloated and one of its arms has mutated into a tentacle.[2] Green goo trails from the body towards a small hole in the wall.

After this encounter, the Beheaded finds the same trail of green goo and an empty cocoon next to a bigger hole in the wall, which was made by an adolescent Conjunctivius[3].

Later, the player stumbles upon the trail of green goo near a corpse. The trail leads to the remains of a huge cocoon and a gigantic hole,[4] carved by the adult Conjunctivius as she escaped.

Finally, a message left by soldiers tells how difficult it was to chain Conjunctivius, likely an order of the King.[5] This explains why Conjunctivius is imprisoned in the Insufferable Crypt when the Beheaded arrives.

Malaise lore[edit | edit source]

Main article: Malaise

A pile of contaminated bodies in the putrid waters of the Toxic Sewers.

The Sewers seem crucial to the spread of the malaise, through its water supply system. For example, piles of contaminated bodies are found rotting in the sewer water.[6] The Beheaded wonders if those bodies are responsible for the initial infection of the citizens, or if those bodies only helped spread the Malaise by contaminating the whole water network.

In a Grimoire within the Sanctuary, the Alchemist writes that people believe the sap flowing through the walls of the Sanctuary is responsible for the Malaise, by contaminating the sewer network.[7] He also suggests that this same substance could be the solution to the epidemic. it is unclear if the substance is in fact the source of the Malaise, or if it's merely a rumor. What is sure is that the Alchemist harvested and used this substance as part of a treatment for the infection, as indicated by the Grimoires of the Ossuary[8] and the Clock Tower[9].

A giant broken door is found next to a soldier’s note warning not to open this door, lest the rats get out and spread the Malaise. The Beheaded remarks that it is unlikely rats made such a big hole, which implies something else was kept behind the door.[10] It is unclear who or what was behind the giant door. The lack of green goo trail, the fact that Conjunctivius is still in chains when the player reaches the Insufferable Crypt, and this lore room being part of the "Infection" room series and not the "Beholder" (Conjunctivius' old name) series suggest that the creature which escaped was not Conjunctivius. The corpse of Prisoner 236 is found close by; he presumably died while trying to escape.

Alchemist Grimoires[edit | edit source]

Main Article: The Alchemist

In the Sewers and the Ancient Sewers, the Alchemist collected mold and mushroom samples for his experiments.[11] However, the growing numbers of revenants made his work increasingly difficult.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to collect mold samples in these sewers. There are too many revenants.

"Gollum" and the Teleportation Rune[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Gollum

When the Beheaded first enters the Toxic Sewers, he meets an unnamed character (called "Gollum" in the game files, a reference to The Lord of the Rings) stuck behind bars who asks him to fetch "his" rune — heavily implying it does not truly belong to him.

When the player kills the Elite Slasher who holds the rune, he later encounters the mysterious character again but refuses to return the rune. "Gollum" then warns the Beheaded will regret this and swears he will eventually get his rune "back".

A lore room full of teleportation coffins can be found with his crushed corpse, putting a sad end to this story.[12]

Loading screen quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Many believed the sewers were a path to freedom. No one ever made it out the other side."
  • "The prison dumped all its unspeakable filth into the lower galleries, so it's no wonder something horrible emerged from them one day!"
  • "A greenish substance oozed its way into a number of pipes along here... and it continues to spread."
  • "Hmm... is that... is that smell normal?"

References[edit | edit source]