Toxic Sewers

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Toxic Sewers
The Toxic Sewers.png
Location: Under the Prisoners' Quarters
Stage #: 2
Previous biome(s): Prisoners' Quarters (Vine Rune needed)
Next biome(s): Ramparts, Ancient Sewers
Enemy Tier: 3-5
Gear Level 2
Timed Door 2:00 (1 Scroll of Power)
Scrolls: 1 Scroll of Power, 2 Dual Scrolls
Runes and Blueprints
Runes Teleportation Rune
Blueprints from enemies What Doesn't Kill Me
Enemies: Zombies, Scorpions, Disgusting Worms, Undead Archers
Traps: poisonous water
Wandering Elite Chance: 70%
Elite Room Chance: 5%
Many believed the sewers were a path to freedom. No one ever made it out the other side.

The Toxic Sewers are a second level biome.

The waters of these formerly somewhat clean sewers have been contaminated by a poisonous greenish substance, which had oozed its way into some of the pipes. The pipes here have faced quite a number of decay, rusting and cracking in some areas. Boxes of unknown origin adorn this filthy series of pipes and tunnels, laying abandoned and to rot. In addition, bars keep some of the area cut off from the rest, with the occasional... Occupant. This place is of quite a danger, as no prisoner seeking freedom has ever stepped out the other side in their original state. Both the toxic atmosphere and the revenants have made sure of that.

Loading Screen Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Many believed the sewers were a path to freedom. No one ever made it out the other side."
  • "The prison dumped all its unspeakable filth into the lower galleries, so it's no wonder something horrible emerged from them one day!"
  • "A greenish substance oozed its way into a number of pipes along here... and it continues to spread."
  • "Hmm... is that... is that smell normal?"

Rune[edit | edit source]

A Slasher elite can be found here who drops the Teleportation rune. He disappears after being defeated once.

Access[edit | edit source]

A Vine rune is required to access this Biome through Prisoners' Quarters.