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Dead Cells provides players with multiple options of style defining Gear in the form of various Weapons, which have limited but different movesets, Skills, which cause a variety of effects but must cool down between uses, and Talismans, passive items which can grant powerful offensive or defensive benefits.

Gear items, like Pickups, are not automatically collected - they must be picked up using the Interact key. Alternately, in most cases, these items can be recycled into gold instead.

Most pieces of gear appear with one or more Affixes which add effects or grant situational benefits. Only default starter weapons and unique talismans lack affixes of any kind.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Only two weapons can be carried at a time. Attempting to pick up a third weapon will summon a prompt which compares all three weapons and asks the player to choose whether to discard a carried weapon in order to pick up the new weapon.

The following is a list of weapons in the game Dead Cells. Damage output of all weapons is increased based on the player's Strength Stat.

Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Special Damage Damage added per Weapon Level
Rusty Sword.png Rusty Sword "Kills things. Sometimes..." Starter weapon until Random Melee Weapon is purchased 119 damage/s N/A N/A (starter weapon only)
Assassin's Dagger Icon.png Assassin's Dagger Inflicts a CRITICAL BLOW when you backstab your enemies.

"Small, but deadly if you know where to stick it."

Found above the starting point of the Promenade of the Condemned 100 damage/s 300 critical damage/s 10 (30) damage/s
Spiteful Sword Icon.png Spiteful Sword Inflicts a CRITICAL BLOW if you have been hit recently.

"A rusty old weapon that gets more dangerous in a pinch..."

Dropped by Flying Biter 131 damage/s 315 critical damage/s 13.1 (31.5) damage/s
Blood Sword Icon.png Blood Sword Causes bleeding (x damage/s). Dropped by Zombie 109 damage/s 18 bleeding damage/s 10.9 (1.8) damage/s
Twin Daggers Icon.png Twin Daggers Inflicts a CRITICAL BLOW on the third consecutive strike.

"Two knives for the price of one, more violence for your dollar!"

N/A (always unlocked) 136 damage/s 250 critical damage/s 13.6 (25) damage/s
Cursed Sword Icon.png Cursed Sword If you're hit, you're dead.

"So you like to play hardball, do ya?"

Dropped by The Watcher 407 damage/s N/A 40.7 damage/s
Dagger of the Sadistic Cult Icon.png Dagger of the Sadistic Cult Inflicts a CRITICAL BLOW if the victim is bleeding, burning or poisoned.

"Turn the knife..."

Dropped by Spiker 109 damage/s 191 critical damage/s 10.9 (19.1) damage/s
Electric Whip Icon.png Electric Whip Automatically targets the closest enemy.

"Join the dark side."

N/A (always unlocked) 64 damage/s N/A 6.4 damage/s
War Spear Icon.png War Spear Inflicts a CRITICAL HIT when you strike several enemies.

"Trade some speed for range."

Dropped by Mechanical Spider 149 damage/s 306 critical damage/s 14.9 (30.6) damage/s
Rapier Icon.png Rapier Inflicts a CRITICAL HIT immediately after rolling.

"It's all in the wrist..."

Dropped by Scorpion 90 damage/s 228 critical damage/s 9 (22.8) damage/s
Valmont's Whip Icon.png Valmont's Whip Ignores shields and deals a CRITICAL HIT when striking at maximum range.

"Deadly when in the right hands..."

Dropped by Ugly Worm 53 damage/s 320 critical damage/s 5.3 (32) damage/s
Oiled Sword Icon.png Oiled Sword Covers enemies with flammable oil. Inflicts massive damage if introduced to a flame... Dropped by Bat 149 damage/s N/A 14.9 damage/s
Torch Icon.png Torch Ignites your enemies and inflicts x damage/sec for 2.7 seconds Dropped by Death Spitter 99 damage/s 15 burning damage/s 9.9 (1.5) damage/s
Frantic Sword Icon.png Frantic Sword Inflicts a CRITICAL BLOW when you're below 50% health. Dropped by Kamikaze 137 damage/s 285 critical damage/s 13.7 (28.5) damage/s
Impaler Icon.png Impaler Inflicts a CRITICAL BLOW when enemies are up against a wall. Dropped by the Incomplete One 120 damage/s 232 critical damage/s 12 (23.2) damage/s
Wrenching Whip Icon.png Wrenching Whip Ignores shields. Wrenches victims towards you. Dropped by Pirate Captain 115 damage/s N/A 11.5 damage/s
Balanced Blade Icon.png Balanced Blade Carefully balanced to allow consecutive rapid strikes. N/A (always unlocked) 127 damage/s N/A 12.7 damage/s
Broad Sword Icon.png Broad Sword Does massive damage.

"Slow and heavy, but looks badass. The best way to compensate."

Obtained from some remains within the Prisoners' Cells 153 damage/s N/A 15.3 damage/s
Shovel Icon.png Shovel Flings enemies and bombs backwards.

"Any object is a deadly weapon if you apply enough velocity."

Dropped by Host Zombie 145 damage/s N/A 14.5 damage/s
The Nutcracker Icon.png The Nutcracker Stuns victims that have more than 75% health. N/A (always unlocked) 104 damage/s N/A 10.4 damage/s
Spartan Sandals Icon.png Spartan Sandals Kicks victims backwards and interrupts their attacks.

"This. Is. DEAD CELLS!"

Dropped by Phazer 53 damage/s N/A 5.3 damage/s
Spiked Boots Icon.png Spiked Boots Inflicts a CRITICAL BLOW if the kick interrupts an attack. Dropped by Thorny 50 damage/s 150 critical damage/s 5 (15) damage/s
Hayabusa Boots Icon.png Hayabusa Boots The last hit inflicts area damage and kicks enemies backward. Found at the end of the Forgotten Sepulchre 91 damage/s N/A 9.1 damage/s
Swift Sword Icon.png Swift Sword Inflicts a CRITICAL BLOW if you are currently benefiting from accelerated movement.

"Taking your time? What a joke. Strike fast and hard - that is the recipe for success." (?)

Unlocked on 1st completed Daily Run (only one completion per day counts) 113 damage/s 171 critical damage/s 11.3 (17.1) damage/s
Meat Skewer Icon.png Meat skewer Double thrust followed by a forward thrust which allows you to pass through units.

"Now you see me, now you don't !"

Unlocked on 10th completed Daily Run (only one completion per day counts) 139 damage/s N/A 13.9 damage/s

Ranged Weapons[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Special Damage Damage added per Weapon Level
Beginner's Bow.png Beginner's Bow Ammo: 5

Secondary weapon only.

You recover your arrows when you kill your victim.

"The Jailer's son was getting pretty good at hunting rats with this..."

Starter bow until Random Starter Bow is purchased 64 damage/s N/A N/A (starter weapon only)
Bow and Infinite Arrows Icon.png Bow and Infinite Arrows Unlimited ammo.

"There is no such thing as "too many arrows"."

Dropped by Undead Archers 76 damage/s N/A 7.6 damage/s
Hunter's Longbow Icon.png Hunter's Longbow Ammo: 3

Inflicts a CRITICAL BLOW if you strike from far away.

"Slow, but devastating at long range."

Found behind the Timed Gate (closes after 3 minutes 30 seconds) in the Ossuary 75 damage/s 287 critical damage/s 7.5 (28.7) damage/s
Infantry Bow Icon.png Infantry Bow Ammo: 5

Inflicts a CRITICAL BLOW when you strike at close range.

"A bow designed for close combat."

Dropped by Undead Archer 68 damage/s 189 critical damage/s 6.8 (18.9) damage/s
Quick Bow Icon.png Quick Bow Ammo: 9

Inflicts a CRITICAL HIT if the target has 2 or more arrows in its body.

"Speed at the detriment of accuracy."

Behind the starting point in the Prisoners' Cells, up some ledges on the wall 80 damage/s 192 critical damage/s 8 (19.2) damage/s
Ice Bow Icon.png Ice Bow Ammo: 4

Freezes enemies struck by your arrows.

Dropped by Undead Archer 13 N/A 1.3 damage/s
Heavy Crossbow Icon.png Heavy Crossbow Ammo: 15

Shoots multiple bolts at once.

"For short range bloodshed."

Dropped by the Incomplete One 280 damage/s N/A 28 damage/s
Repeater Crossbow Icon.png Repeater Crossbow Ammo: 30

Fires powerful bursts of bolts.

Dropped by The Tracker 122 damage/s N/A 12.2 damage/s
Throwing Knife Icon.png Throwing Knife Ammo: 8

Causes bleeding (x damage/s for 2 seconds). The attack automatically targets the closest enemy.

N/A (always unlocked) 14 damage/s 20 bleeding damage/s 1.4 (2) damage/s
Fire Brands Icon.png Fire Brands Ignites the ground and your enemies inflicting x damage/sec for 3 seconds N/A (always unlocked) 8 damage/s 19 burning damage/s 0.8 (19) damage/s

Shields[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Special Damage Damage added per Weapon Level
Good ol' Wooden Shield Icon.png Good Ol' Wooden Shield Like any old shield, it allows you to block attacks and temporarily protects you if you take damage. Secondary weapon only. Starter shield until Random Starter Shield is purchased 33 damage/s N/A N/A (starter weapon only)
Sturdy Shield Icon.png Sturdy Shield Blocks attacks and stuns the attacker N/A (always unlocked) 44 damage/s N/A 4.4 damage/s
Force Shield Icon.png Force Shield Triggers a force field when you parry. Dropped by Shield Bearer 33 damage/s N/A N/A (unleveled weapon)
Assault Shield Icon.png Assault Shield Causes you to charge forward while blocking. Found behind the Timed Gate (closes after 3 minutes 30 seconds) in the Promenade of the Condemned 43 damage/s N/A 4.3 damage/s
Blood Shield Icon.png Blood Shield Blocks attacks and causes bleeding (x damage/s for 3 seconds) on all nearby enemies. Dropped by Shield Bearer 33 damage/s 20 bleeding damage/s +3.3 (2) damage/s
Greed Shield Icon.png Greed Shield Blocks attacks and shakes out any loose gold from your enemy's teeth (once per enemy). Also transforms enemy arrows into gold. N/A (always unlocked) 67 damage/s N/A 6.7 damage/s
Spiked Shield Icon.png Spiked Shield Blocks attacks and inflicts heavy damage Dropped by Running Zombie 211 damage/s N/A 21.1 damage/s
Shove Shield Icon.png Shove Shield Blocks attacks and violently shoves blocked enemies backwards. Dropped by Catcher 44 damage/s N/A 4.4 damage/s

Spells[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Special Damage Damage added per Weapon Level
Lightning Bolt Icon.png Lightning Bolt Continuously casting deals critical hits. But be wary of too much power...

"Join the dark side."

Dropped by Inquisitor 108 damage/s 173 critical damage/s 10.8 (17.3) damage/s
Fire Torrent.png Fire Torrent "Rare, medium or well-done?" Dropped by Fogger 112 damage/s N/A 11.2 damage/s
Frost Blast Icon.png Frost Blast Freezes enemies hit by the blast N/A (always unlocked) N/A N/A N/A

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills are secondary abilities in Dead Cells that can be used in combat. The player must find skills throughout the run, as they will never start with them. Skill damage and cooldown are improved based on the player's Skills stat.

The player has two skill slots. Upon picking up a third skill, a menu which compares all three will appear, allowing the player to choose which of the three skills to discard.

Equipped skills can be swapped with each other in the pause menu, using the Interact key.

List of Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Blueprint Location Base Damage Base Cooldown Time Damage added per Skill Level
Death Orb Icon.png Death Orb Summons a slow moving but devastating orb of energy (x damage/s). Dropped by Meat Grinder 100 damage/s 9 seconds 10 damage/s
Knife Storm Icon.png Knife Storm Launches a storm of knives around you which cause bleed damage for 4 seconds (x damage/s). Dropped by Bat 40 bleeding damage/s per effect 8 seconds 4 bleeding damage/s per effect
Corrupted Power Icon.png Corrupted Power You deal +70% damage for 8 seconds.You also take +30% extra damage during this period. Dropped by Defender N/A 15 seconds N/A
Grappling Hook Icon.png Grappling Hook Pulls an enemy to you. Your next melee attacks on the victim deal 60% extra damage.

"Yes, just like Scorpion..."

Dropped by Catcher Not displayed 3 seconds N/A (unleveled skill)
Phaser Icon.png Phaser You teleport behind an enemy. The damage of your next melee attack is increased by 150%. Dropped by Phazer N/A 1.8 seconds N/A
Grenade Icon.png Grenade Explodes, inflicting x damage. N/A (always unlocked) 80 damage 2.8 seconds 8 damage
Cluster Bomb Icon.png Cluster Bomb Explodes into 6 mini bombs inflicting x damage each Dropped by Slasher 42 damage/bomb 4 seconds 4.2 damage/bomb
Magnetic Grenade Icon.png Magnetic Grenade Attracts anything close to it and deals x damage/s. Dropped by Grenadier 12 damage/s 8 seconds 1.2 damage/s
Flashbang Icon.png Flashbang Inflicts x damage and stuns nearby enemies for 2 seconds. N/A (always unlocked) 20 damage 9 seconds 2 damage
Ice Grenade Icon.png Ice Grenade Explodes freezing nearby enemies and inflicting x damage. N/A (always unlocked) 35 damage 9 seconds 3.5 damage
Fire Grenade Icon.png Fire Grenade Inflicts x damage and burns nearby enemies for 3 seconds (y damage/s). Dropped by Grenadier 12 damage (25 burning damage/s) 8 seconds 1.2 damage (2.5 damage/s)
Ivy Grenade Icon.png Ivy Grenade Immobilizes all nearby enemies for 3 seconds and inflicts x damage/s while they are trapped. Behind Timed Door in the Collector's Room after the Black Bridge (closes after 10 minutes 30 seconds) 30 damage/s 8 seconds 3 damage/s
Biter Swarm Icon.png Biter Swarm Summons a swarm of small biting creatures to attack for you. Dropped by Ugly Worm Not displayed 7 seconds N/A (unleveled skill)
Horizontal Turret Icon.png Horizontal Turret Rapid fires on nearby enemies, inflicting x damage/s. Dropped by Zombie 40 damage/s 5 seconds 4 damage/s
Flamethrower Turret Icon.png Flamethrower Turret Burns nearby enemies for 2 seconds (x damage/s). Dropped by Shocker 10 burning damage/s 6 seconds 1 burning damage/s
Meat Grinder (Skill) Icon.png Meat Grinder Inflicts x damage/s and bleeding (y damage/s) to enemies walking on it. Dropped by Phazer 35 damage/s (6 bleeding damage/s 5 seconds 3.5 damage/s (0.6 bleeding damage/s)
Bear Trap Icon.png Bear Trap Launches 2 traps which immobilize enemies for 6.5 seconds. Increases all damage taken by trapped enemies by 35%. N/A (always unlocked) N/A 7 seconds N/A
Oil Grenade Icon.png Oil Grenade Inflicts x damage and covers nearby enemies with flammable oil. Dropped by Running Zombie 20 damage 4 seconds 2 damage
Tonic Icon.png Tonic Heals x HP and completely protects you for 10 seconds. Single use. Dropped by The Watcher 75 HP 0 seconds 7.5 HP
Ceiling Turret Icon.png Ceiling Turret Fires rapidly on enemies passing below inflicting x damage/s. You need to be close by for this to work. Dropped by Thorny 52 damage/s 5 seconds 5.2 damage/s
Heavy Turret Icon.png Heavy Turret Fires on all nearby enemies and inflicts x damage/s. Your own damage is increased by 15% if you are close to the turret. Dropped by Slasher 60 damage/s 5 seconds 6 damage/s
Crusher Icon.png Crusher Violently crushes enemies in its area of effect (x damage). Dropped by Spinner 200 damage 7 seconds 20 damage
Vampirism Icon.png Vampirism You recover x HP per melee hit that you deal for 10 seconds. You also take +75% extra damage during this period. Dropped by Inquisitor 1 HP/hit 25 seconds 0.1 HP/hit
Lure Icon.png Lure You disappear for 6 seconds and leave a lure in your place which attracts all nearby enemies. Dropped by Defender N/A 10 seconds N/A
Toxic Cloud Icon.png Toxic Cloud Releases a toxic cloud of poison which inflicts x damage/s for 4 seconds. Dropped by Host Zombie 15 damage/s 10 seconds 1.5 damage/s
The Night Light Icon.png The Night Light Deploys a lantern that grants light which diminishes after a while.

Lights the way.

N/A (skill cannot be unlocked - it only appears at the start of every Forgotten Sepulchre) N/A 120 seconds N/A
Aura of Laceration Icon.png Aura of Laceration Inflicts damage to nearby targets. Unlocked on 5th completed Daily Run (only one completion per day counts) 70 damage/s (?) 12 seconds (?) 7 damage/s (?)

Talismans[edit | edit source]

Talismans are passive equipment items. Most talismans do not have innate benefits - their utility comes from the affixes on them.

Only one talisman can be carried at a time. Upon picking up another talisman, a menu will appear, allowing the player to choose which of the two to keep.

Talismans can be sorted into two categories: amulets (generated talismans) and unique talismans.

Amulets[edit | edit source]

You may only equip one amulet at a time, but their effects are powerful...
"A fine object, adroitly hidden under your clothes to make less work for the artists."

Generated talismans, called amulets, come in ruby, golden, ice, sapphire and moonstone varieties. They have no innate qualities, but always have one or two passive affixes.

Though all amulets are unleveled items, the weapon levels of Biomes impact the quantity and quality of the affixes on amulets found within them.

Minor Affixes[edit | edit source]

Minor affixes are written in green text.

  • Damage taken reduced by 10%/15%/30%
    • Each amulet can only have a single damage reduction affix.
  • Damage from projectiles reduced by 75%
    • Each amulet can only have a single damage reduction affix.
  • Collect cells and gold without needing to be in range.
  • Poison enemies that hurt you. / You release a toxic cloud when you take damage.
  • You can jump three times in the air. / You get 2 bonus jump in the air.
  • Drops a bomb (XX damage) when you roll.
    • Damage begins at 25 and scales based on the player's Strength stat in the same manner as conventional weapon damage.
  • You get gold when you get a Dead Cell from an enemy.
  • Long dive attacks cause the ground to ignite.
  • All diving attacks leave flammable oil on the ground.

Major Affixes[edit | edit source]

Major affixes grant powerful effects. A single amulet may only have one major affix. They are written in green-yellow text.

  • Make you invisible after 5 without attacking. Your next strike while still being invisible inflicts +150% damage.
    • Attacks of all kinds and actions that trigger cutscenes (entering doors, grabbing scrolls, opening chests, etc.) will end invisibility.
  • Poison no longer affects you. Sewers, here we come... / Poison heals you rather than hurting you.
    • Poison status effects still occur, but the damage over time is nullified (or turned into healing over time).
  • Any enemy that touches you is frozen.
    • Freezes enemies that hit the player with melee attacks, regardless of whether the attacks were parried.
  • Rolling ignites the ground for 3 seconds.
  • Every step you take burns the ground for 3 seconds.
  • All the damage you take is also dealt to nearby enemies.
  • You leave behind a cloud of toxic gas when you roll.
  • Super Mario Mode: Jumping on an enemy's head stuns it.
  • Reveals secret passages.

Unique Amulets[edit | edit source]

There are currently only two unique talismans, neither of which can possess affixes of any kind.

Prisoner's Collar[edit | edit source]

"Nothing worth mentioning, except maybe a vague whiff of dead rat..."

The player starts every run with the Prisoner's Collar equipped. It gives no benefits of any kind.

"Ygdar Orus Li Ox!"[edit | edit source]

Saves your life ONCE. Does NOT work against Curses.
"Who says you can't cheat Death?"

The Ygdar Orus Li Ox (abbreviated as YOLO) will revive the player and freeze nearby enemies for several seconds if the player would otherwise be desecrated, barring curses. Curses will desecrate the player regardless.

Ygdar Orus Li Ox can only be found in certain zones, behind gold doors.

Zone Prisoners' Cells Prison Depths
Door Price 3000 6200
Curse 40